#wcw Meg Murray of Nasty Woman Wines

Meg Murray of Nasty Woman Wines

Meg Murray of Nasty Woman Wines

Meg Murray planned to launch Nasty Woman Wines on Election Day 2016 to celebrate the first female president. Stunned at the election results, Meg decided it was time to get nasty, so she channeled her disappointment – and a deep desire to have more women at the table – and launched her business anyway!

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about equality for all. I want everyone to have a voice. Being a Nasty Woman is about speaking up for marginalized people. It’s about taking our rightful place at the table.

What do you love about wine?

I love the transformative power of wine. I love that it can take me back to a specific place in time and bring up memories of a dinner I once had in a castle in Italy. It can transport me to magical conversations I’ve had with people I love. I love that a great wine demands that you pay attention to all of its subtlety and nuance.

What should we know about your wine and brand?

Nasty Woman Wines is committed to creating progressive wines that help get women to the table as leaders and tastemakers. 20% of our net profits will be donated to organizations and causes that help drive our mission. Our wines are ambitious. They will make you think. And if we are doing our job right, they will make you take action.

If your wines were famous women, who would they be?

This is a great question. When we create our wines and get them in the bottle and then write a description, we think of each wine like a woman. We describe her tasting notes, but also her personality. And each of our wines definitely have personality. They embody the characteristics of strong women. For example, our Pave the Way Chardonnay is an organizer. She gathers her friends and brings them together and speaks boldly and unabashedly about who she is. She is racy and bright with a zip of acidity running through lush fruit.

Our Chardonnay might be an Amy Schumer. Or a Chelsea Handler. Both of these women are known to bring their friends together in activism and they are unabashedly authentic.

What women – past, present, or future – would you love to share a glass of wine with and why?

Past: My mother. She passed away in 2009 and I would love to share a glass of wine with her and thank her for so much. Now that I am a mother, I also want to say "I get it now...and sorry for being such a little shit when I was younger."

Present: Amy Schumer. Not only is she hilarious, she just became a mother and I have a little baby at home. I'd love to talk with her over a glass of wine about motherhood, politics, and just life.

Future: My daughter Matilda when she turns 21.

If you were a wine, which wine would you be?

I would be a Grower Blanc de Blanc Champagne that is layered with complexity and gives you a distinct sense of where it came from. Also, it just keeps getting better with age.

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