Link love: I don't even know where to start

Yesterday as I watched the hearings with a handful of other women at The Assembly, we collectively cringed or shouted (okay, maybe that was just me) at what we were witnessing. Not so much in disbelief – none of this is new, though the blatancy of it feels like something different. It’s just too obvious to ignore.

I’ve written and erased and rewritten this so many times this morning. I want to say something that will make it better but I don’t know what that is. So instead I’ll say that I have to believe that this is a tidal change. That our collective response is too big to ignore. That we are waking up.

Some links for your weekend:

I am so excited to see this next week.

Related: “That’s why you have to believe in yourself, he decided. That’s why you can’t let people tell you who you are. They aren’t even trying to be malicious. They just truly believe that each person gets one dimension.”

My favorite piece of writing this week: “Outside of that, I do not have much more advice for you. It is hard to say ‘yes this will do’ or ‘no this will not’ in the abstract, which is why each time a man publicly attempts to seek redemption we must once again weigh and measure and, so far, find wanting. If they would like to keep trying, they are welcome to. Here’s a rock, there is a hill.”

Roxane Gay has a writing class on Skillshare (!!!).

Are you registered to vote?

We’re organizing for the midterm elections. Join us? Everyone is welcome and it’s free

A little palate cleanser. For those of you in the Bay Area, he’s available for cuddles any time.

And some nice things from this week: celebrating the end of #The100DayProject with a bunch of Bay Area makers. Getting to share my breast cancer story Wednesday night. As always, I get by with a lot of help from my friends. Typically we do celebrations in the Facebook group on Fridays, but we don’t have to be relentlessly positive. Come as you are.


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