#wcw Sheena Wadhawan


This week’s #wcw is Sheena Wadhawan, nominated by Seattle team leader Courtney Irvin.

Courtney writes: Sheena is a bad-ass boss b*tch who left her DC job in social justice to pursue a career in California consulting with organizations on diversity and inclusion. She is also a mother and advocate.

Meet Sheena!

What I'm working on… helping value-driven organizations live their values.  Time and again I see organizations with social justice missions who internally suffer from toxic workplace cultures, often mimicking the same oppression they seek to dismantle in the world. I know we can do better. When people are working in a way that is in line with their values they are at their most creative, productive, and content.  

My goals for this year are… helping more organizations realize that 'Diversity & Inclusion' has to be about about real culture change. If a workplace culture hasn't truly evolved to one that is anti-racist and anti-oppressive, no amount of "diversity and inclusion" efforts will be successful.  An oppressive workplace culture will chew up and spit out QTPOCs (queer, trans, people of color) over and over. It takes an all-out transformation, which when resourced and skillfully supported, is possible!

Here's how you can help me… Help me spread the word and find new communities to network and work with. 

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