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Last Friday I got an unexpected call from Kaiser. "Hi!" (Entirely too perky for an unexpected call from your doctor). "Is this Lindsay? It's time for your annual mammogram!" 

"I. Just. Got. One." 

"Umm, a year ago?" 

No, couldn't be. Has it been a year? So I scheduled it for the next day because getting it over with seemed easier than dreading it for a week or more. 

I'm telling you this because I get asked a lot if it's over or done (it, if we haven't met yet, was the breast cancer I was diagnosed with two years ago). 

While the distinction between being in treatment and being post-treatment can be an important one, the reality is that it's never really over

Instead of asking someone with chronic illness if it's over, try this: just ask them how they are. 

Next week I'll be talking about breast cancer education at The Assembly. Even more than that, it's about how we talk about illness. What we say to a friend who gets some seriously tough news. How we can show up better for the people we care about. I'll be answering all of your questions and I'd love for you to come. 

Some links for your weekend:

"'Caring without action isn't caring. It’s complicity in lowering the bar.'" SNAP! From "Eight Ways to Make Your D&I Efforts Less Talk and More Walk."

"And because every WC event I’ve attended has been inspirational, educational, useful, and/or fun, I blindly accept all their invitations and buy tickets without, well, reading the whole thing." Margaret's take on last weekend's pole dancing class was, as always, hilarious and thoughtful. Getting her newsletter is one of the highlights of my week, a joy you too can have when you subscribe here

“‘But I try to channel anger, whatever is left, into resolve, and especially resolve that this does not happen to other women.’” I’m with Anita. And Christine. (And this really struck a chord with me too: “I don’t wish either on anyone, but you can use physical healing as a reminder that you can also heal from emotional pain.”).

Did you see? #wcw is back with Catherine Madden! We're trying something new. Have someone you want to nominate (a friend? yourself?)? Tell us here

Everything you know about obesity is wrong.

What does OK actually stand for?

Voting is hot. Show everyone how hot and smart you are with this VOTE hat that supports the good work of Not a hat person? They've got totes too. Everyone loves a tote. On that note, save the date: we'll be phone banking with Swing Left and The Assembly on October 16th. More soon. 

The Guild is offering us a great discount on their upcoming conference SERENDIPITY. Use CATALYSTS at check out for 20% off. 

Have you tried Airtable? I need something to organize my projects/brain (open to recs!). 

This made me smile

It’s almost time for our weekend getaway! (Just a couple of spots left if you want to join).

“‘I’m never looking for strong female characters, because I don’t like that term. It feels two-dimensional. I like women who are strong and weak and funny and vulnerable and scared.’” So good (and his latest, A Simple Favor, was surprisingly delightful).


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