Link love: let's go away together


Hi there,

Is it just me or does last Friday feel like a lifetime ago? Thank you for all of the sweet notes about my breast cancer anniversary – please do check yourselves and encourage your friends to too. And if you want to learn more, I'm doing a talk for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at The Assembly soon and would love to see you there. 

Some links worth checking out:

The Very American Killing of Nia Wilson: "There is a blinkered symmetry to the way Americans have been taught to understand violence that is gendered and violence that is racialized: the victims of the former are white women; the victims of the latter are black men. The same violence, when visited upon black women, falls outside the recognizable parameters of victimhood, and thus fails to register." I haven't been able to stop thinking about this. 

This week we got to interview LaborX founder Yscaira and hear her personal connection to the work they're doing to solve tech's diversity and inclusion problem. 

Zero chill. No apologies. 

Did you do #The100DayProject? We're celebrating all around the world – here's the list of global meet ups

Highly recommend Ann Friedman's brilliant newsletter.

Members of the community launched this Kickstarter for the first bra that adapts to your breast size. Looks pretty rad, yeah?

Did you see our big news? We just announced our first-ever weekend retreat. Come play at the river with us! Hot tubs and private docks and good food. (We also have tons of other great events coming up, including happy hour next week). 

Have a great weekend – come say hi and share your celebrations with us in the FB group


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