Link love: "feminist" brands, deifying women, and our upcoming cities


Hi hi! I'm back for a hot minute before heading to Minneapolis tomorrow (join us for happy hour!). Here's a quick and early link love for the week:

"When it comes to sex, research shows that women are more likely than men to be stigmatized for identical behavior, and men would therefore face less scorn for disclosing how a partner’s abortion benefited them." Men should worry about Roe v. Wade too.

There's no such thing as a feminist brand writes Amanda Mull: "Take, for example, any brand that’s adopted the anesthetized aesthetic of body positivity in the past decade, decoupling it from its radical politics in order to sell you soap, or straight-size underwear, or anything made by the desperately poor foreign factory workers who manufacture most of the inventory of big-box stores. The marketing arms of these corporations have sensed changing cultural values among their customers and taken that opportunity to adopt the aesthetic of good politics, and they’ve asked shoppers to choose them based on how well they pantomime the real activities that might make a difference. They skip the part where any difference is actually made."

Stop deifying women: "At its root, 'women are goddesses' is an overcorrection of the pervasive misogyny and androcentrism that has denigrated women for centuries: instead of women being subhuman (bitches, cunts, throwaways) we’re elevated to superhuman status. The only problem with this approach is that it skips straight past the human stage."

Startup School sounds cool.

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Denver – you're next! Reach out to Lauren if you're interested in getting involved. 

Here are our upcoming events – we'd love to see you there:
7/19 Minneapolis Happy Hour (tomorrow!)
7/31 Catalyst Conversations with LaborX founder Yscaira Jimenez in SF
8/9 Summer Social in SF
9/18 Lightning Talks in SF