#wcw: Allyson Pfeifer

Photo by Ashley Turner

Photo by Ashley Turner

Allyson and I met sometime in college and I knew I liked her but it wasn't until my friend Mary Beth moved to LA that we really got to connect (you know, outside of the haze beer pong). She's got a brilliant smile, killer dance moves, and the biggest, most generous heart, all of which she puts to good use as a yoga teacher, friend, and champion of foster kids. 

What are you working on: Writing. For me. I've always known deeply that I am a writer, yet I've habitually thought that it needed to be in some public format to be true – as a career, on a widely-popular blog, or in creation of a best-selling book. That piece has always felt ominous and that's when I lose my momentum. Now I'm working on writing, just for me, and allowing my truest voice to come forth and preach. I'm working on owning the fact that I'm a storyteller and discovering what I have to say. No matter what shape or form it may take in the future. 

What's your vision for 2017: To establish a confident voice in my head that helps me move through my fears with grace, humor, and humility. Or rather, allow that ever-present voice within me to get loud. I'm committed to practicing public speaking in the latter half of this year (gulp). And, perhaps most importantly, I'm creating a vision for how to use every piece of fresh produce in my farmer's market box (why is it so hard?!).

Best thing our readers might not know about: When I'm feeling low, I like to watch Beyoncé's 2011 "Love on Top" performance at the VMAs when she announces she's pregnant at the end. And then sometimes I get sucked into her entire 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. I highly recommend this elaborate mood-boosting technique. 

What brought you to WC: Lindsay! I know Lindsay from college and watching her become a writer for herself and a leader for other women is inspiring. Talk about grace, humor, and humility! I'm here to soak in her wisdom and the brilliance this community has cultivated together. 

Where will we see you next: I'm Chairing the Evening to Foster Dreams Gala for CASA of Los Angeles next April at the Beverly Hilton! In the same ballroom as they host the Golden Globes, I'll have to speak from a teleprompter (double gulp). I've been on the CASA Board for over 4 years and am thrilled to have been chosen to run our Gala for next year. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) provides crucial advocacy to neglected and abused foster youth – and LA has the largest foster population in the U.S. As the first female and youngest Chair we've had, I want to motivate the next generation to be actively engaged in raising awareness and much-needed funding to support the foster youth in the LA community.