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Photo by Anna van Tuinen

Photo by Anna van Tuinen

We love love. I guess we all do, right? If the bad news of the world has got you down, all the more reason to seek out inspiring messages of love, joy, and connection. That's what this week's #wcw is all aboutMeet Lisa, Loveangelist, linguist, and self-proclaimed math nerd. And more, of course. Lady's got goals. Check 'em out. 

My goals for this year are...I have five goals for this year that correspond to different parts of my life:

  1. I want to serve more individuals and organizations through my business without overextending myself. I help people use unique connection codes for better interpersonal relationships in business and life, which has taken a few distinct paths: teaching entrepreneurs to understand their “linguistic fingerprint” and using this to attract and keep clients they actually want in their businesses; guiding individuals to better relationships (either by attracting love into their lives, or connecting better with their current partner), helping introverts and those with aversion to social settings make strategic connections; and creating connections in the workplace that facilitate improved collaboration and productivity.
  2. Medical Clown Project: this is a local nonprofit I’m on the board of that provides holistic healing therapy to various patient populations and disaster victims through the work of professional clowning. My goal is to help expand their reach through education on the patient populations they work with (the largest of which being memory loss patients, with whom normal modes of communication are often not effective, causing difficulty for both caretakers and healthcare professionals) and to help them serve more communities across the U.S.

  3. Loveangelists duo: performing transformative experiences with an acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, our mission is to spread empowerment (starting with self love) so that more live the lives they’ve always known they can live. By the end of 2018 I’d like our music to be streaming on empowerment and self love playlists around the world!

  4. Conscious Connectors of the Bay Area: this is currently a Meetup group for those who understand the importance of connection – not just to others and the world but also the connection within that determines how we show up in the world. In 2018, I’d like to strengthen the community and provide more resources for members than the current monthly events.

  5. Finish writing my first book.

  6. (I think after a year of engagement we can start planning the wedding! Let’s make the wedding an honorary 2018 goal.)

Here's how you can help me...If you know that better connection is something you want more of in your life, your business, or for colleagues at your job (haha…but really though), consider this your official invitation to contact me about it. If you see opportunities to collaborate at your events, on your podcast/radio/vlog or other publication, let’s talk about it! If you care about people finding their authenticity, connection skills, and/or living life empowered and want to be involved with more people experiencing the same, send a message! I’m also still learning about/settling into the Bay Area, so if you know relevant communities, companies, and organizations here I’d love to get to know them too.

Honestly, if you’ve read this and feel drawn to any of it, I sincerely request that you reach out. Even if you don’t know why, there’s likely a reason. (It’s also likely that I’ll see the connection).

One of my best talents is...I appreciate the skills I’ve developed that have enabled me to connect to anyone on this earth: linguistic aptitudes, dancing (the way I’ve met each of my closest friends as an adult, including my fiance!), intuition, being able to read between the lines (literally and figuratively), and creating music (singing/songwriting/percussion playing).

But I believe the talent I’ve had longest – and that I’m most grateful for – is pattern recognition. First it was shapes and blocks sequences, then math equations (I was a math NERD growing up!), then languages, followed by cultures, and then recognizing my own patterns and replacing ones that no longer serve me. Now helping others to do the same is deeply fulfilling.

My favorite resources are...Women Catalysts! But you already knew this (#duh). There is so much power in community. Not just any community, but community that inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves. Two very different communities I’m a part of: Nomadness Travel Tribe (15k+ group of urban travelers around the world with family-like bonds in how we support one another) and the incredible group of entrepreneurs I’ve grown and masterminded with via Live Your Message Mentorship.

Some books: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, You Just Don’t Understand: Men & Women in Conversation by Deborah Tannen, Originals by Adam Grant, and a slew of others.

The ultimate resource is what’s within. We may block ourselves from it or not be aware of it, but my absolute favorite is the largely untapped resource that we each carry inside of ourselves every day. When we’re in touch with that, anything is truly possible.


WORD. We couldn't agree more. Lisa is speaking at Lightning Talks *tonight* about your linguistic fingerprint. How cool does that sound? Come to learn more!

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