#wcw: Liên O'Neill


My friend kindergarten teacher Lis has way of distilling right and wrong to five year-olds: do you want to make someone's spirit feel big, or do you want to make their spirit feel small? Liên is so clearly one of those people who lives to make spirits feel big; her very presence is uplifting. She actually came to one of our earliest events, but it wasn't until a couple of years later that I got the opportunity to know her through #The100DayProject. I love the way communities overlap, and am thankful that they do. Meet Liên!

My big goal for this year...to navigate an exciting yet terrifying life transition: I’ve been homeschooling my three kids from the beginning (ages 7, 12, and almost 14), but this year I’m managing a move from Marin to the South Bay, guiding my kids in their transition from home education and learning cooperatives to public school, and making a professional transition from educator to writer, illustrator, and entrepreneur.

Here’s how you can help me...I’m looking for immediate free-lance jobs in copywriting, editing, and illustration, especially in Silicon Valley.

A couple of my best talents...distilling complex or disorganized information into clear and concise language. I’ve been writing and editing (as well as teaching writing and grammar) for the past twenty years, and I’m confident in my ability to help others communicate clearly and eloquently through the written word. I’m also an innate optimist. I love looking for the best in people and situations and using that thread to move forward. I love connecting people, and I believe that there is room for everyone’s positive contribution at the table. 

My favorite resources are...my morning ritual of coffee, meditation, and movement; an analog planner where I record my goals, to do lists, and things for which I am grateful; my tribe of strong, powerful women that I lean on and who lean on me; and art bathing.


Liên brings so much joy and wonder to everything she does – from making her own art to teaching to creating with her kids. Come see for yourself! She is one of the wonderful women in our lineup of speakers at Lightning Talks next week.

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