#wcw Marisse & Ana from CDMX's MIA Co-Growing

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LJT, Caley, and Kim met this week’s #wcw, Marisse Del Olmo Crenier, co-founder of MIA Co-Growing Space, at a Women Catalysts wine and cheese Happy Hour in Mexico City. Lindsay and I had the opportunity to check out the space and connect with Marisse’s co-founder Ana Cárdenas. We’re excited to partner with MIA and love what they are doing to help support women to make it happen around the world!  

Meet Marisse and Ana! 

What we’re working on… During the past year we’ve been working on launching MIA Co-Growing, a coworking space in Mexico City where women can fulfill their interests and cover their daily needs all in one place. 

Our goals for this year are... To grow our community and get the word out about this new space in the heart of downtown Mexico City. 

Here's how you can help us... Visit and follow us at @mia_cogrowing and message us with ideas on how to collaborate and work together. Also, let anybody you know coming to Mexico about us!

Words to live by: Be kind, everybody is fighting their own battle. 

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