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Here's what Jenny had to say about this week’s #wcw: Regina is just a bad ass photographer with heart. She clearly cares about her clients and it shows with every action. She also works for Live A Lot Chocolate and on a podcast. She's got a lot going!

Meet Regina!

What I’m working on…Exploring expression – moving in new ways, learning about myself, creating what comes up and needs to be put on paper in watercolors, captured in photos, or spoken in poems. Photography is currently one of my preferred tools for growth, exploring my expression, and healing old stuff – it helps me navigate and release emotions and thoughts. The more I feel this in myself, the more I can share this with my clients, creating spaces for them to feel comfortable, confident, and creative in front of the camera at our Badass Women Photos session.

Together with my clients (and sometimes the makeup team), we’re creating photography experiences that invite you to step out from a camera-shy comfort zone and own the center of attention. Our sessions serve as an opportunity to reflect on this particular chapter of your life. My clients express feeling new sparks of creativity, positive shifts in themselves after our session, and enjoying photos that they feel truly capture who they are now. I feel honored to meet and photograph so many rad humans. 

I’m also working on a new podcast with my bestie, Charity Yoro. On HerMana podcast we share the voices of other artists and entrepreneurs about the creative lives they’re living and what they’re learning along the way. The name we chose is a representation of each of us and our bond. In Spanish, my first language, ‘hermana’ means sister. In Hawaii, where Charity is from, the word ‘mana’ means personal power… her + mana = her personal power + SISTERHOOD. If you’re as satisfied by the meaning of words as we are, I hope this just rocked your world.

My goals this year are…One of my goals is to share Badass Portrait Experiences with more people. It brings me so much joy to see someone feeling free to express and be themselves in front of my lens. I want to highlight the stories of more women – more blogging is another goal. I want to continue exploring beyond portrait sessions and into messier expression and different forms of making themes come to life for my clients. Last week we danced at sunset in the open desert covered in metallic body paint and the woman in the photos cried when she saw them a couple days later – witnessing herself fierce and open. More of that! 

Another one of my goals in the coming year is to turn all this creative exploration and self-expression into a workshop for others to connect more deeply to themselves and own their badassery through self-portraiture. I’m excited to see how this one unfolds. 

Here’s how you can help me…You can help me by reaching out (phone call/text/social media) to a dear friend of yours who you feel deserves to be seen and celebrated. Please share my website and upcoming photo availability in the Bay Area with them, and remember to let them know why you think they’re so badass!

Word of mouth has been the key to growing my business because when your friends see a photo where you truly looking like your current radiant self, they notice. Thanks for spreading the word <3

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