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This week we have Ellen Fondiler. Ellen nominated herself and we think that’s pretty rad. Way to go for it. Here’s what she had to say:

I am an award-winning entrepreneur and a career/business strategist. I love helping people get unstuck, get moving, and build a life that they really love. My credentials include a BS in Psychology from Cornell University, a JD in Law from Loyola Marymount, certifications in several coaching styles including Wild Writing and Designing Your Life, and decades of life experience as an educator, project manager, business owner, and mom of two amazing boys.

What I’m working on… I'm working on 3 projects right now that I'm really excited about:

  1. I'm running a program called Relaunch. It's all about...reinvention! It's a six week program. Each week, I push everyone to write down their goals, get moving, and bring fresh energy into their life and career. Classes take place online via Zoom or live (at The Assembly). You can learn more here.

  2. I'm offering a new service called Chart Your Career. This is a collaboration with my friend Heidi Rose Robbins. She's an incredible astrologer. Clients get a 60-minute astrology reading with Heidi plus a 60-minute career strategy session with me.

  3. And I'm writing a book! I have a project called How Did You Do That? where I interview interesting people and ask how they built their careers. I'm compiling my favorite interviews into a book. I'm currently pitching literary agents and publishers and trying to get a book deal. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!).

My goals for this year are... I’d like to grow Relaunch and Chart Your Career and help people find work and live a life they love.

And I want to keep working on my How Did You Do That interview series and turn it into a book!

Here's how you can help me...

Sign up for Relaunch!  Pass it along to a friend (it’s always fun to have a pal with you on a journey). Classes start soon!

Get a Chart Your Career session.

Follow me on Instagram (@elfondiler) and sign up for my newsletter.

Let me know if you know (or are!!) a book publisher).

And let’s all get the vote out this November.  Living in a more humane world will help us all reach our goals.

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