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Photo by Anna van Tuinen

Photo by Anna van Tuinen

Margaret says: “I feel like a Burner trying to explain Burning Man to someone who has never been. How is this: imagine an event like a Moth story slam, but smaller, much more intimate, and where the stories – of vulnerability and strength and resilience – feel like personal gifts. That’s what Molly has created with her monthly STORY events.”

Meet Molly!

What I'm working on...Humans connect deeply around story. Connection is essential for healing and growth. I now realize how much of my life has been impacted by and focused on sharing stories. I have a background in experimental theater and work as an evangelist for a software company: traveling, presenting, and helping people understand the value of what we do.

Since mid-2017 I've been hosting STORY. It's based on the premise that only you can tell your story and the magic of a story doesn't happen until you've shared it with others. When we tell our story we must be safe and connected for full impact. A story stretches us to expand the possible. We re-learn that safety doesn't mean certainty. We become the co-creators of our evolution...in ways that can only happen together.  

A  recent storyteller said, "if you want to change your life, you need to change your story." 

Each month we collectively hold space and I provide guidance and coaching for people at all stages of their story creation process.

My goals for this year are...I'm excited to champion more diverse voices and expand the impact of STORY, which will continue to evolve and serve more people in creative ways.  

For example, I've been volunteering at San Quentin and am learning so much from inmates who know, firsthand, the role of story.  They are honing their ability to stand confidently and own their personal perspective, their story.  And we must hear their stories: more here and here.

I'm also working to use my voice in new ways – check out this vocal improvisation program I'm thrilled to be attending in 2019.

Here's how you can help me...

  1. Join us for STORY where you'll experience the importance of connection in the storytelling process; standing up, using your voice, being vulnerable, safe, and seen.  It's monthly on Thursday at Verve in Bernal Heights. November 29th and December 20th are the next dates. Come with a friend and help spread the word.

  2. Share any advice, recommendations, or introductions you think would be helpful as the work I'm doing continues to grow. I'm all ears and would love to connect with individuals, communities, and programs already working in the areas of storytelling, communication, vocal improv, inmate rehabilitation, social impact, and primary education.

  3. Whatever you do – use your voice and tell your story!

Thank you Molly and Margaret! I’ve been (and spoken) at STORY and it’s just as powerful as it sounds.

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