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Hi friends,

I’ll keep it short and sweet because we’re about to leave for our weekend retreat. And because I didn’t actually spend much time on the internet this week, which was…nice? Good for my mental health? Radical, I know.

If you’re going to be on a device, Libby is quite possibly my favorite app of all time.

I recently started sleeping with an eye mask and it is life changing. This one is my new favorite. A little spendy, but good sleep is worth it. And this link is good for $20 off if you want to try it too.

I took a class with Samin at 18 Reasons awhile back and she was a delight. Can’t wait to watch her new show Salt Acid Fat Heat.

This is 18. Check the hashtag on Instagram too.

Semi-related, I wrote this about what it’s like to see my younger self as I get older.

The T-Swift effect: 364,000 new registered voters in 72 hours.

What to do if you get turned away from the polls.

Want to organize for the midterm elections with us at The Assembly next week?


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