#wcw: Maggie Spicer


I first met Maggie in one of those "I'm not exactly sure why, but you two should know each other" kind of friend connections. As the founder and creative director of WHISK, Maggie designs experiences that connect – people, ideas, brands, cultures. We've occasionally been lucky enough to be part of it and can vouch for her innate ability to create inspired moments. Not to mention, her thank you note game is on point

My goals for this year are...to deepen my knowledge of functional nutrition and integrate the tenets of Slow Medicine into daily living, to embrace what it means to be a highly sensitive person (HSP), to build a welcoming and supportive space for people to gather and connect at Baana, and to experiment with hospitality and guest experience by opening a small inn in SF and Copenhagen. 

Here's how you can help me...host an event or join one of ours at Baana this year, give me a shout on social media (@maggiefspicer) if you, too, are interested in health and fitness and want to connect on these topics to go deeper, and lastly, if you’re in need of an experience designer or know someone who is, consider hiring my agency (whisksf.com)! 

One of my best talents is...I notice the details in nearly everything, so when it comes to guest experience, creatively solving problems for others, or strategizing for brands, I'm the gal to connect the dots. It helps being a Capricorn, too ;)

My favorite resources are...the SF Public Library, a hike in Mt. Tam, Leandra Rouse for nutrition tips & inspiration, Rintaro lunches, and Juice Shop elixirs. 


Thanks, Maggie! As a little thank you to our members for joining the club, we'll be hosting our first members-only event at Baana next week. Sign up to be a member to join us in Maggie's beautiful space for a warm and intimate gathering. 

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