#wcw: Elizabeth Husserl


When we first got the idea for Money Matters, our new personal finance series, our friend Joann said, "You've got to talk to Elizabeth!" Sure enough, Elizabeth was full great ideas and enthusiasm – she is a woman who has clearly found her purpose in life! We're so excited to share her passion for women living empowered financial lives with you – more below. 

My goals for this year are...to practice fluidity, to have fun with my business, and have more people sit down and have a conversation with money. 

Here's how you can help me...reminding me that it is ok to say no (in particular to harder clients). When I say no to others I say yes to myself, especially to the more authentic part of me that needs space to emerge.

One of my best talents is...to be a mirror for others. I love making connections and connecting a sense of personal depth with personal wealth.

My favorite resources are...ellevest.com, nerdwallet, and TED talks.


Money Matters kicks off with an online workshop on the psychology of money with Elizabeth next week! Sign up here. Elizabeth also has a great new series starting in February called Conversations with Money.