#wcw: Molly Goodson


When long-time WC community member Chelsea Starr Alexander said we had to meet Molly, I was in. I had recently been seeing all of these beautiful images of a new space in San Francisco pop up in my Instagram feed and was intrigued...a retreat in the city? Tell me more. Molly, her partner Carnet, their team, and some of our favorite artists have worked together to build a magical place in the heart of the Mission for women to get together to create, sweat, and play. It's like she read my mind and made it real! The Assembly is in many ways like Molly herself – stylish but accessible, encouraging, open, and fun

Meet Molly! 

My goals for this year are... Create a space and community that allows women to feel healthy, supported, and cared for in a way that leaves them ready to take on the world. Build a sustainable team and business at The Assembly. Practice what I preach and value myself as much as I try to make people feel valued, heard, believed, and allowed space. 

Here's how you can help me... Come say hi at The Assembly! Take a class, join a workshop, send someone our way. 

One of my best talents is... Introducing people to each other in a way that sets them and the connection up for success. I've learned a lot over the years about the right and wrong ways to do intros (both in person and over email) and I think I've really been nailing it recently. Also synthesizing lots of things at the same time. Remembering the emails that I have to send. Self-awareness. I sure hope that last one is true. 

My favorite resource(s) is/are... Other people's words and wisdom. Books with prose that take my breath away. All the women that have come through The Assembly, seen the vision, and offered help. My mom. My own brain when I'm doing something else with my body (running, yoga, strength training). 


The Assembly opens *this weekend.* Check out their great opening events. We'll be there to introduce our dear friend Elle Luna on Saturday!