Link love: ladies get paid, fall cleansing, and emotional diversity

Mel Safford

Mel Safford

Hello! Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? I'm taking it easy and recovering from a cold. I'm giving a talk and traveling next week – it's our first-ever event in Chicago! Our Chicago Catalyst, Mel Safford, works on Chicago Ideas Week and Daybreaker. Pretty cool, right?

Doing this fall cleanse with my dear friend Allison – join me! 

Lars from my camp made this sweet video about Burning Man

I am here for all of the emotional labor think pieces

And from Team WC –

Kim shares:

Great writing advice: brevity is key

This really got my mind going: 8 of the Coolest Experiential Marketing Campaigns We’ve Seen

The OG Catalyst: Rachel Carson, the author who sparked the modern environmental movement 

Katie shares:

This is depressing, but people need to know

A workout for your feelings

Jenna shares:

Emotional Diversity’ Is More Important Than Happiness

Ladies Get Paid Negotiating Event in Seattle 

Master Your Mind and Experience Heaven on Earth 

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