#wcw: Michelle Zauzig


Meet Michelle! Michelle has such an infectiously positive energy that it's virtually impossible not to have a big girl crush on her. She's super smart but not afraid to be goofy – and you know us, we like a woman with range. And like a lot of our community, she's got a huge heart and cares about the impact she makes in the world. Read on for more!

What are you working on?: Educating and empowering people to change the world. My self-worth has always been directly correlated to the work I’m doing to improve the people and the world around me. The whole "do what you can with what you’ve got" mindset. Currently, I’m the Director of Partnerships at RYOT. What makes RYOT great for me is that it was founded by humanitarians and built upon the basis of giving people access to important stories around the world and then empowering them to take action on those stories. We’ve expanded massively since RYOT’s humble beginnings, and our capabilities and concentrations have morphed and grown and span from branded content, to documentary films, to emerging technologies – but our roots still run deep. So every day I get to come to work with inspired humanitarians, storytellers, tech geniuses…all very woke humans. I know I’m lucky. So put simply, I’ll be working on making an impact and thinking of how to measure that impact until I die – because let’s be honest, the world needs a little change. 

What's your vision for 2017?: I’ve really honed in and been geeking out on Impact Investing and combating the traditional relationship big pharmaceutical companies play in society. I just talked about how to use medical marijuana as a way to give health back to the people on a show called Queens of the Stoned Age (shout out to Cannabis Feminist Jessica Assaf and Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane!). So I want to continue pushing education by women and for women (and everyone!) at that scale into 2018 and beyond. I’m also spending a ton of time encouraging women to educate themselves on basic financial principals to feel empowered through finances rather than looking at money as a constraint. I truly believe if you know how to use money (and not let money use you), you will invest in causes your passionate about, or finance your own passions – a win-win in my eyes. 

Best thing our readers might not know about you: The best thing? (crickets) It depends on who you are and how you define "best," but there’s a couple random bits of knowledge that only my nearest and dearest could tell you:

  1. I'm a rapper in my free time. Ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you why.  
  2. I save every spider I’ve ever met. DON’T KILL THE SPIDERS!

What brought you to WC?: Everything that is the creature Lindsay Jean. We have a mutual best friend, Caley (also a magical creature), that’s how we initially met. Lindsay’s energy, her laugh, her way of dealing with struggle, the way she talks to her dog, Leo, everything just makes you want to be around her. Also, the idea of bringing women together to build up other women is obviously a practice that got lost and I’m so happy to see come back. 

Where will we see you next?: Having tea with Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and Sallie Krawcheck (you know, my best friends) . But first, traveling. It is complete and utter soul food and my absolute favorite thing to do in the world (or maybe out of the world, one day – I’m looking at you, Elon). I feed my curiosity through meeting new people, seeing new places, and absorbing everything that comes with being in a new city. If you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll find me walking or biking around the streets of Venice and at Deus Ex Machina getting my coffee! You can follow my adventures on Facebook or Instagram