#wcw: Sharon McPeake


Sharon and I met in dance class a couple of years ago and despite the fact that everything I do looks like an Irish gig, she still became friends with me. She's one of the most creative people I know. Not only is she a dancer, she's also an illustrator and fine artist and she recently picked up ceramics (and she's so good!). I love that about her – she doesn't just stay where she's comfortable, she's always willing and excited to try new things. Like a project with me! 

What are you working on: I'm currently working on a collaboration with the fabulous Lindsay Jean Thomson [ed.: I didn't make her say that!] called The Get Go Co. The idea grew out of a mutual realization that combining our experience with copywriting, art direction, and business building would be a key resource for creatives, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs. We've been busily crafting a 5 week business bootcamp that will help entrepreneurs get their business in shape fast. We launch our first session mid-October! When I'm not pulling together materials for The Get Go Co., I'm working for my design clients at Say Hello Design or creating ceramics in my artist studio. 

What's your vision for 2017: I want to feel as though I have helped people build sustainable businesses that holistically combine their dreams with the practical aspects of achieving their version of success. I want to find balance in my own life between work and play. I want to point out the magic in the mundane and make the world just the tiniest bit more beautiful. 

Best thing our readers might not know about: The Creative Pep Talks podcast is the best. Aside from having a gorgeous website that showcases the power of illustration to create absolute joy, their guests have helped me build a more sustainable life around creativity. I appreciate that the themes are both aspirational and practical in striking the difficult balance between making good money and making great art.

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Community. (Drop the mike.)

Where will we see you next: The Get Go Co. is offering some online workshops over the next few months. Check out How to Write a Great Bio + About Page and Content Marketing 101 (they're free!).