#wcw: Anika Zebron


Y'all, sometimes the internet is really cool because it helps you meet awesome people you might not otherwise get the chance to know. Like Anika! When I shared that we'd be heading to Seattle for a pop-up event, Anika reached out and told me about the #bossladies collective she started there with fellow creatives. We love meeting women like the #bossladies! Not only that, but Anika has so many cool projects in the works. More below!

What are you working on: I’m busy at work with my team #bossladies in Seattle, a collective that plans events to promote and support local lady entrepreneurs. I just refreshed my own design site, Anika Zebron Design, which includes new stationery collections and fine art prints. I happen to also teach high school English and Art; as of this week, I’m back on contract, amping up for another adventurous year. I need another cup of coffee. 

What's your vision for 2017: I see 2017 as a time for continued growth in my creative community –I’ve been truly amazed at the spirit of camaraderie within it. The #bossladies platform has served as a special catalyst for me creatively. There are so many exciting #bossladies events planned for 2017, including our #bossladies Brunches and our Autumn Pop Up Shop, featuring local lady entrepreneurs and their products. I’ve never been busier or happier. 

Best thing our readers might not know about: I’m a singer/songwriter, and working on an album with my husband! It’s a longtime dream of ours. The plan? To make your hands clap. 

What brought you to Women Catalysts: I learned about Women Catalysts through Lindsay Jean Thomson and her work with The Creative Collective & the 100 Day Project. When Lindsay announced the Seattle WC Conversation with Pamela Mattsson, I checked WC out and was thrilled to see that they focus on the same female platforms that I’m passionate about. My gal pals and I were genuinely blessed to attend the Seattle WC event and are anticipating the next one. 

Where will we see you next: I’ll be cohosting the Seattle #The100DayProject Meet Up, and then at our autumn #bossladies events. If you're in Seattle, join me!