#wcw: Chelsea Starr Alexander


Since we first met Chelsea a couple of years ago, she and her friend Fallyn have started a business (you know we love a good best friend/business partner duo!), built an awesome product that's good for your health, ran a successful Kickstarter, and turned their side project into the real-deal. Seeing them aim big and succeed is such an inspiration. Besides that, she's always happy to lend a hand, make a connection, and share her knowledge. She's a true champion of women!  

What are you working on: I’ve just taken the leap to be full-time and go full force on my business SMITH & STARR. Along with fellow WC Fallyn Smith, we’ve created the first-ever hydration handbag so you can look and feel your best. Hydration affects every aspect of your health – physical, mental, and emotional, so we hope our bag makes staying hydrated as easy and habitual as reaching for your iPhone! (Because water is a true life essential :) )   

What's your vision for 2017: My vision for 2017 is to be fearless, take risks, and aim for the stars. I joined Fallyn to start SMITH & STARR to create a solution and take on a new challenge. How can we make staying hydrated each and every day simple and stylish? The past two and half years, we’ve learned so much from pattern-making to launching an ecommerce store and the new challenges and lessons continue each and every day, but the best lesson I’ve learned is to take joy in the process of learning again.

Best thing our readers might not know about: If you’re SF-based and looking to start a business, check out the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – they offer tons of affordable business classes!  If you’re interested in getting a cat or dog, try a Foster Care program first – it’s fun to become a short-term mama to furry friends!

What brought you to WC: Community – I love the supportive, can-do energy of this kickass group.

Where will we see you next: I’ll be leading a workshop on Kickstarting Your Business via Kickstarter for WC Members [ed. note: sign up to be a member here to participate in the workshop!] and SMITH & STARR will be popping up at 20th Street Block party on August 19th. Come by to say hello or just shoot me an email at starr@smithandstarr.com!