#wcw: Julianne Kanzaki


A few months ago, Julianne gave a Lightning Talk at Women Catalysts on how doing the life changing magic of tidying up went from beyond the material items in her home to her career and her relationships and more. Her message, simply and beautifully stated, was to pursue the things that spark joy in your life. More on how Julianne chooses joy – and helps others do the same – below. 

What are you working on: In February, I took the leap full-time into my own nutrition/wellness coaching business. My days are now spent helping my clients using The Kanzaki Method, which involves customized nutrition meal plans and coaching, hiking/nature immersion, and mindfulness/stress reduction techniques. I also launched my handmade cards, which are now available at Kaleidoscope Coffee. In between all of this, I'm writing my first book!

What's your vision for 2017: To paint a life that uses ALL of the colors I've been given in my artist's palette that can bless, encourage, and help others. To continue to grow and stretch myself by saying YES to new and exciting opportunities that spark joy!

Best thing our readers might not know about: CreativeLive is an extremely useful resource with content ranging from money and life, art and design, to personal branding and networking that are taught by top creatives. Many of the tools and techniques I use in my everyday personal and professional life I've learned from these courses.

What brought you to Women Catalysts: I first heard about Women Catalysts when I met Lindsay Jean Thomson through The Creative Collective and #the100dayproject. I was craving a community of creative, ambitious, and energetic women who are doing amazing work in the world, and found it here!

Where will we see you next: I'll be speaking at the next Lightning Talks on September 13th and I'm excited to lead an online workshop in October for Women Catalysts members on navigating life transitions!