#wcw: Sarah Harrison


I mean, look at that beautiful genius! Say hi to Sarah Harrison. We were lucky to have Sarah facilitate a brainstorming session for Women Catalysts in the early days and let me tell you, she not only looks fabulous in a tiara and feather boa, but she's also a thoughtful leader with a real gift for nurturing ideas. We think she's pretty great – read on to learn more about Sarah and what she's up to making the planet a healthier place. 

Name: Sarah Harrison

What are you working on: I’m building out The Determined, a consulting agency that helps teams solve climate change faster through branding, design, messaging, and strategy.

What's your vision for 2017: We’ve been working with clients creating positive change in any area, but now we’re really excited to start building our portfolio with clients doing awesome things to heal this planet. It really feels like the biggest problem the world needs to be facing right now, and I’m excited to dig in and help.

Best thing our readers might not know about: I often find myself having to educate people on the value of design and strategy, especially on the value of bringing design in to a project early. People think design is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, but the work we do really starts at the concept and prototyping stages, or even before. We don’t want to come in at the end of a project, we want to be involved with you from stage 1 and use our creative skills to come up with ways you can prototype, test, and promote your idea that will be the most efficient and impactful.

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Many of my smart, creative, talented friends are members, so clearly the community is amazing. And I love the way Kim and Lindsay Jean use Women Catalysts as a platform to empower and promote their members, sharing the spotlight and encouraging everyone to speak up and share what they know!

Where will we see you next: We just did an event at SF Design Week and are looking forward to what’s next. We would love to work with anyone putting on an event to help make that event more impactful. One of the services we provide is workshop facilitation. Instead of getting people together and just talking/listening, we get everyone in the room collaborating on a specific outcome. We’d love to help any conveners in the community put on an amazing custom event.