#wcw: Jenn Choi

I met Jenn at one of our first coworking days. If you're lucky enough to get to meet her too, she'll be one of your biggest cheerleaders. She's also passionate about helping people and companies up their E.Q. (that's Emotional Intelligence) – more on that below!

Name: Jennifer Choi

What are you working on: I'm most excited right now about my labor of love Cup of Comms, which is a video series that teaches people how to communicate better. I'm also helping technology companies communicate more like humans with emotional intelligence via my consultancy Bon Intent. Oh! And I'm doing #the100dayproject to inspire others to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Find the extraordinary with me here: #100daysofextraordinaryintheordinary. 

What's your vision for 2017: My vision for 2017 is two-fold: 1) To embrace my inner artist. 2) To fly like a bird. My mom is an amazing artist, and as I've grown older, I've totally realized that I'm an artist too. I'm a "word artist" (hell yeah, I can proudly claim that!) who is ready to unleash the creative spirit bursting out of me. And I feel like that creative spirit is a bird, ready to spread her wings. I plan to spend the rest of 2017 as a digital nomad, migrating like a bird. In June I move to Berlin, Germany for the summer. It's a very artistic city!

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I once accidentally walked the red carpet at the Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia while wearing jeans and Nike sneakers. For reference, everyone else was in tuxedos and ballgowns. When I realized that there was no other entryway it was too late, so I ran in like a mouse in embarrassment. Later I discovered that everyone walking in was projected on the big screen at the National Theater. Woops. My regret was not my outfit choice but how I cowered. The next year I went back and wore something slightly fancier and proudly walked the red carpet, with purpose and confidence. 

What brought you to WC: The desire to connect with other badass women who are ready to make a change in their own lives and the lives of others. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me since Lindsay became my coach for a few months while I was a budding entrepreneur. I am now confident enough to share my voice as a Unified Self. Thank you for changing my life, Lindsay and Women Catalysts!

Where will we see you next: Online! I'm a Featured Expert with over 350 videos on the new Q&A social media app Whale. Feel free to ask me questions on communication, being a woman entrepreneur, travel advice, or anything else here.