#wcw: Allison Roman


Allison Roman is one of the most dedicated people I've ever known – her passion for learning and sharing knowledge is absolutely awe-inspiring. She's my go-to for natural remedies and self-care support! She's a certified herbalist and nutrition counselor and her latest project is the culmination of years of practice integrating different healing modalities. Plus, it's my favorite skincare line. More about Allison and Kaliks Collective below!

Name: Allison Roman (formerly known as Allison Hodge)

What are you working on: A lot of my time is spent working on Kaliks Collective, my apothecary line featuring self care products for skin, body, and soul. Currently, I'm developing a few new products to launch this fall, which is both exciting and all-consuming. I love being in the creative flow. I’m also always working on being the best stepmom I can be to two young girls that are a huge part of my life. Setting an example as a strong, confident and empowered woman is a priority for me. You gotta walk the talk...

What's your vision for 2017: So far it has been about GROWTH. I’ve learned so much this year already from a handful of experiences. But I have to say business-wise my vision is expanding awareness and making it happen! On a personal note, I’m about leaning into my intuition more (it never fails me!) and fine-tuning my communication while owning my role as a creator and maker. 

Best thing our readers might not know about you: When I’m not learning about alternative medicine, cooking, getting out in nature, or hanging with my family you can find me glued to the Warriors games on tv screaming obscenities to the refs and opposing teams. All of my years of yoga and meditation go out the window when it comes to sports! I’m from Southeast Texas and despite my 12+ years in San Francisco, I still have a bit of grit and southern sass that enjoys getting rowdy every now and then! And although I’m a herbalist and nutrition practitioner, I’ve had years of chronic health issues that have required me to connect with my body in really profound ways. Healing can be paradoxical at times and some of the biggest hurdles are mental and emotional. I have a huge toolbox of self-care tips and nothing makes me happier than empowering others on their healing path. 

What brought you to WC: Lindsay Jean, of course! I most enjoying being introverted at home but can hang in pretty much any social setting. I found myself wanting to get out more and network with other like-minded women and Lindsay encouraged me to go. And...Women Catalysts = a good time! Such a wonderful group of badass women rocking their lives…always inspiring and warming my heart. 

Where will we see you next: Find me online! I have several fairs and online features in the works that I’m excited to share! And if you’re interested in skincare and wellness tips that are practical and joy-filled, come check out my blog.