#wcw: Regina Felice Garcia


Meet our #wcw, the exuberant Regina Felice Garcia! Felice means happy or fortunate and girl, is she. She brings that happy enthusiasm to everything she does from photographing rad women to teaching yoga to the chocolate company she started with her sister – more on all of that below!

What are you working on: I'm working on infusing all of me into everything I do! I'm currently investing most of my energy into Badass Women Photos and Live A Lot (we just got our superfood chocolate into Rainbow Grocery YAY!)

What's your vision for 2017: 2017 is all about embodiment and taking action. It's about saying "let's go!" way more often than "maybe when the time is right..." because who the heck knows when the right time is, no one knows what that means!! This also includes being more mindful about allocating my "let's go" to the things that feel most aligned with my heart and energy.   

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I'm filled with love – for everyone I photograph, for early mornings, for lights and shadows, plants, strangers, colors, ahhh. I'm often overwhelmed with sweet life abundance to the point of tears – I call it a Gratitude Bomb

What brought you to WC: I was invited by Lauren Kaneko-Jones to a WC coworking day at GA and it was a natural fit...a group of women with drive and heart doing cool shit?! I'm in. 

Where will we see you next: You can catch me at Women of Words on the first Wednesday of every month and at Monthly Cacao Gatherings hosted by my sister, Giovanna – next one is on June 21st. I'll be sharing chocolate samples at different events and locations over the summer, stay tuned for those on Live A Lot. And you can see a bunch of photos of inspiring badass women here