#wcw: Mary Beth LaRue

Mary Beth and Rosy

Mary Beth and Rosy

You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just have a feeling they're going to be an important person in your life? Mary Beth was one of those people for me. We met the first day of yoga teacher training almost ten years ago and became fast friends. Back then, she had these beautifully handwritten Joseph Campbell quotes posted in her studio apartment in DC. We were both trying to figure it out, to find and follow our bliss. 

A lot of living has happened since then, but she's still following her bliss teaching yoga and also leading workshops and retreats around the world, writing, and coaching. And along with her bff Jacki, MB is the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. She's got a lot of special things going on – she's someone you want to know too. 

Name: Mary Beth LaRue

What are you working on: Currently #mbstechnicolorlife for #the100dayproject and starting our 4th round of 7 Weeks to Bliss for Rock Your Bliss next Monday.

What's your vision for 2017: Honestly it's an intention. Appreciating the messy and chaotic nature of life. I have a tendency to be very methodical, very organized. Definitely a control freak. It doesn't serve me very well. When I can appreciate the messiness, I'm so much more present and grateful.

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I wanted a mullet in preschool but my mom said I had to wait until college. I didn't get one but now that they are somewhat trendy again... (editorial note: I did not know that!)

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Desire to connect with empowered female entrepreneurs who also have a sense of humor.

Where will we see you next: Wanderlust 108 San Diego this weekend and 108 SF the following weekend. Yay!


Thanks, MB! Love you all of the loves. Connect with her online here: