#wcw: Lauren Kaneko-Jones


Meet Lauren – acupuncturist, writer, teacher, healer. We love Lauren's approach to living well – just the right mix of magic, realness, and a whole lotta love. And she makes a hella good chai too!


Name: Lauren Kaneko-Jones

What are you working on: My clinic, always – Service Workers Acupuncture Project. Some really awesome seasonal health group coaching programs. Just finishing up a program on how to prepare for the rest of your year by embracing winter called End + Begin. The Spring program is coming soon!

2017 Vision: My vision for 2017 has been fuzzy to be honest. It is a huge year of transition, and I'm waiting for some pieces to fall away or come together while I continue to create the next steps.

Something people might not know about you: I used to hate needles (including acupuncture needles), be a picky eater, and roll my eyes at anything woo woo or magical. I am a total convert. The holistic woo is now an integral part of my life and seriously boost all the structured medical wisdom I use. 

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Another boss lady friend brought me to Women Catalysts. She told me about the warmth and friendly community and accessible way of networking and connecting.

Where will we see you next: You will see me teaching more and more! Making all my Chinese medicine wisdom and clinical experience intertwined with art and creativity and personal growth. It all goes to together. Healthy, wealthy, and wise, right?!


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