#wcw: Kate Stayman-London


Meet, Kate! I met Kate while working on the Hillary Clinton (heard of her?) campaign last year. In addition to feeling incredibly humbled to be working on the most influential campaign of our time (I see you 2018/20), I felt incredibly grateful to have met, connected with, and learned from brilliant women, especially like Kate Stayman-London (a.k.a., KSL). Kate's passion for doing the most good (a campaign tagline) was always present. Through the past year, I've often looked towards Kate's words to provide a source of hope and teaching. See below for more about this fellow nasty woman! – Katie

What are you working on?: After eighteen months working as lead digital writer for Hillary for America, I’m still in something of a recovery/transition period (lots of travel, lots of gentle Netflix, lots of hugs), but I’m keeping busy! I sold a novel to Random House in June, so I’m writing as often as I can, and I’m working on some fun screenwriting projects, including a TV pitch about a teen anti-choice protester who falls in love with the abortion doctor she’s trying to entrap. I’m also writing and consulting for some of my favorite progressive organizations like GLAAD, which is the best day job anyone could ask for.

What's your vision for 2017?: Of the few silver linings from the election, my personal favorite is women in all walks of life speaking out more loudly and frankly against systemic misogyny. Where before we might have let something slide, now we’re calling out the bullshit, and I am HERE FOR IT. I want to see more and more of that: women supporting one another, and especially white women like me being better, more supportive allies for women of color. All our voices matter so much, and I hope we’ll keep using them to practice intersectional feminism and show the world just how strong, bright, competent, and badass we are.

Best thing our readers might not know about you?: I am deep into the Los Angeles nail art scene. My favorite artist is Kimmie at KureSpa in Silverlake — she co-owns the business, and I love that she invested in herself and her talent. Whenever I have a big life announcement like joining HFA, I get themed nail art to share the news on Insta. Right now, my nails are dark green with rhinestone snakes as a little Taylor Swift tribute (don’t hate!), and they make me smile all day while I type. 

What brought you to WC?: One of the best things about working at HFA was being part of an incredibly diverse and supportive community of women. That was the hardest job I’ve ever had, and it meant so much to know my colleagues always had my back. I love that WC is replicating that dynamic for women in so many different cities and industries, and I want to support that however I can.

Where will we see you next?: Probably stirring up trouble on Twitter, despite my constant promises to myself that I’m going to take a break from social media. (I really will do it one of these days!) You can find me at @_ksl — this week, I’m writing a lot about rape culture and what men (yes, men!) can do to dismantle it. Here’s hoping some of them heed the call.