Link love: the Rock test, infinite freedom, and gossip as survival

Hello! What a full week – I've been in Chicago, Indianapolis, and LA. It's been a great trip with lots of events, but it's also been really hard to be away from home with all of the fires. Our friend Lauren wrote a great blog post with some resources for how to care for yourself and others – check it out here. And there's no shortage of ways to get involved – Courtney shared this document with us with lots more places to volunteer and help out. 

Some links worth clicking:

So thrilled to see our friends Susan and Ben and their beautiful home in Domino!

The Rock Test

Yes, Mama Cax!

Excited about our upcoming SF events – an interview with Spark Capital's Rachael Horwitz next Tuesday and workshop for job seekers on November 1st

And Seattle too! We're back for a happy hour on October 25th

Definitely going to see the Joan Didion documentary

This career and money event in NYC looks great

There's a lymphatic system in your brain 

Lots of great articles about the Weinstein abuse, but this one really resonated

"But over the years I have come to think that its association with infinite freedom is a shallow one"

As always – wishing you a happy, healthy weekend.


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