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We dreamed up Women Catalysts to inspire more women to action.


Sometimes, the best plans are made while flying kites and drinking beers in the park.

What began as a passion project by two best friends is now a growing movement with thousands of women (and more than a few good men too!). 

Founders Lindsay Jean Thomson and Kim Hunter are magnetic community weavers who hold space for possibility to take root.
— Lindsey Dyer

Our Values:

The Catalyst Way


Our Leaders

The SF Team


Kim Hunter, Co-Founder

My goals for this year: To level up – own my expertise, embrace bold actions, and commit to the hard work to make it happen. Move and eat more greens. Expand my mind. 

Here's how you can help me: I’d love your encouragement, connections, and resources to grow Women Catalysts!

My best talents: My energy and passion to help people and causes thrive! I see opportunities and connections everywhere. 

My favorite resources: WC workshops and community. Seriously, our expert programming helps me lead a more healthy, wealthy, and wise life. I go back and watch past workshops – and our online community is incredible. What do you need right now? Let’s make it happen! 


Lindsay Jean Thomson, Co-Founder

My goals for this year: My personal theme this year is GO DEEPER. For WC, our goal is to GO BIGGER – reach more companies, more cities, and more people globally. 

Here's how you can help me: Get in touch if you'd like to get involved! 

My best talents: Writing. Making connections. Helping people realize their own potential. I'm a great cheerleader!  

My favorite resources: So many! Moleskine notebooks for writing and keeping an analog calendar. The Sufi mystics for a bit of magic and encouragement. My Wild Unknown cards for reflection. And the Creative Mornings newsletter always has great links.  



The LA Team


Caley Alyssa

My goals for this year: Get my YouTube channel profitable. Start my podcast. Expand my brand beyond yoga: finances, meditation, relationships, lifestyle, giving, product review. Pay more attention to investments.  

Here's how you can help me: Tell me what topics, ideas, experiences are most interesting for you about relationships, dating, sex, love? 

One of my best talents: Public speaking.

My favorite resources: NYT and LJT!


Terri Simon

My goals for this year: Start and finish rebrand of and Simon+.   

One of my best talents: Help people start and/or get unstuck.



The Seattle Team


Courtney Irvin

My goals for this year: Prosperity, learning, and more Women Catalysts events. I'm challenging myself to stick to my budget (for reals this time) and gain a new professional skill. I also plan on bringing more WC programs to Seattle with my badass co-leader Jenna. 

Here's how you can help me: By telling me how I can help you. I really want to hear from the community about what types of programs and events they want to see from WC. Or if you have a really great bar rec in Seattle for our next WC happy hour!

One of my best talents: Creating experiences. 

My favorite resources: The Robinhood app and my stock-savvy boss ladies.


Jenna Starkey

My goals for this year: To fuel and challenge my body to help make my mind mentally strong (through lots of hikes, skiing, getting my yoga certification, biking all over Seattle, and new cool classes like aerial arts and rock-climbing).

Here's how you can help me: Encourage your friends in Seattle to join our local WC chapter!

One of my best talents: Helping people figure out what motivates them towards and/or blocks them from their dreams!

My favorite resource: The online library app Overdrive for unlimited free audiobooks and kindle downloads. 



Our NYC Team


Katie Tilson

My goals for this year: To find and recognize something I'm grateful for every day. I feel like if I'm grateful, more other things will come more naturally or at least I'll be able to forgive myself more if I perhaps fail on a goal I set.

Here's how you can help me: Remind me to be grateful, especially for those dark days.

One of my best talents: Talking to people about making any kind of change. Hit me up if you want to chat.

My favorite resources: My fingers and a keyboard. I process by writing out how I'm feeling. Whether you share it with someone or not is up to you, but you'd be surprised how cathartic it is to make sense of what's circulating in your mind into the written word.



Our Speaker Hall of Fame


Our talks have raised over $30,000 for these worthy causes. 

Together, we have supported the important work of organizations dedicated to human rights, eduction, women, children, the arts, and alleviating poverty.

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