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Wisdom is so much more than knowledge – it's what you do with what you learn that makes you wise. So put what you learn in our Wisdom Workshops to practice...and then come tell us about it!



Longtime fan favorite, the artist and author Elle Luna joins us for a live Q&A call about her new book, Your Story is Your Power, #The100DayProject, and The Crossroads of Should and Must.


You've got ideas worth spreading about, as the folks at TED would say. How do you go about booking speaking gigs, much less getting paid? In this workshop with Moms Can Code's Erica Peterson, you'll learn how to: find speaking opportunities, contact conferences you’re interested in, and what to say. Erica will also touch on things to consider when applying and how to work towards getting paid. 


Writing about yourself can be hard. We can help. Where do you even start? First-person or third? How long should it be? What information should you include? We’re going to let you in on a little secret: it's not really about you, it's about your audience. Because even when it’s about you, it’s always about them. Yep, really. What is it that they want to know when they read about you? Whether you're starting a new business, updating your LinkedIn, or working on a passion project, we've got the best practices for writing a great bio to showcase just how great you are. Because you want people to just get it, right? 

Goal Setting for 2018 with lindsay jean thomson

It's a New Year and a great time to take a big picture view of your life and career. What's working? What's not? What do you want to change this year? In this workshop, you'll reflect on where you’re at, identify areas for growth, and set goals for 2018. We'll and commit to first steps to making them happen and talk about best practices for shifting habits so that you can have your best year yet. 

How To pitch press with molly goodson and kim hunter

You have something to offer the world and you want them to hear about it! Whether you’re selling a product or services or have a project or organization, getting PR and on the media’s radar is one way to help get the word out. Join Kim Hunter, co-founder of Women Catalysts and VP of Communications at Aclima, to get the skinny on nailing your PR pitch and de-stress the process of reaching out to reporters. We’ll kick off the workshop with an interview with Molly Goodson, former PopSugar editor and founder of The Assembly, to get a glimpse of pitching from the media’s perspective.  Kick ass, take names, and send pitch notes! 

How To Speak and Lead with Confidence in High Stakes Presentations with julia beauchamp

Have you ever shrunk down or played small in important meetings or presentations? Would you like to be seen as more of a leader and feel more confident in high-stakes presentations? Studies show that these kind of non-verbal cues are at least 93% of communication. That means when you don’t feel confident your body language is telling people you are not open to working with them, making it harder to communicate effectively.  This class will teach you to: prepare for high-stakes presentations, inspire your audience, the secrets of non-verbal communication, and how to be both authentic and more confident.

create a brand voice worth remembering with jenni and sophie of prim'd Marketing

Sophie Davies and Jenni Brown of Prim'd Marketing help small businesses and entrepreneurs on how to define their voice with a compelling narrative through branding and marketing for over 3 years.  In this workshop, Sophie and Jenni cover: how to develop a compelling narrative without adding to the online noise, understanding the importance of your origin story and why it matters, seeing what you bring to the table that makes you different and how to step into your expert self with more confidence.

How to NAVIGATE career transitions with julianne kanzaki

"Do what you love" – it sounds great, but it isn't always easy. In this workshop, nutritionist Julianne Kanzaki, MPH, RD will share some practical strategies and helpful tips to move in the direction of your dreams, to stay focused, and embrace the unknown with grace and ease. You'll learn daily, weekly, and monthly goal-setting strategies, as well as simple nutrition tips so you can physically and emotionally feel your best.


Whether you’re pitching your new startup idea or giving an interview on behalf of a company or nonprofit, learn how to develop strong narratives and avoid tricky questions so you can master your next press interview. You will leave this media training with an understanding of how to develop your story, communicate it clearly, and control even the toughest press interview. And these skills will come in handy well beyond press interviews – use them when you’re speaking on a panel, interviewing for a new job, or presenting to colleagues or potential investors. Before the workshop, please give some thought to an upcoming interview you’d like to do.


So you want videos for your brand. Great! But hiring a professional video team? That’s not in the budget now. And making videos yourself? The thought alone seems terrifying. Sound familiar? Then this workshop’s for you! This live training will guide you step by step through the video-creation process, focusing on practical tips for the inexperienced video maker. We’ll use tools you probably already have on hand: a phone and iMovie. This workshop will help you think of video topics for your brand, craft a video script, learn easy recording tips for more profess videos, and get hands on with editing basics in iMovie. What to have handy: something to write or type with and (optional) iMovie or another video-editing program. We’ll be using a few files during our iMovie walkthrough. If you’d like to follow along, you can download the files here.

Find Your Creative flow: UNDERSTANDING the stages of the creative cycle WITH JENNY FEINBERG

Writer, painter, and Makespace founder Jenny left her comfort zone in San Francisco to see how her creative output would shift in new countries and new spaces. After setting up a mobile writing and painting station in over 15 temporary homes, she developed a framework that encapsulates the 10 stages of the creative cycle. You'll learn that each stage you experience is valid – even the hard ones – and serves a purpose. Jenny also shares some of her favorite creative resources and exercises to find creative flow no matter where you are in your creative cycle. 

Communicating easily with clients and coworkers with jenna starkey

Take your work relationships to the next level by shifting mindsets and tackling conversations with both care and candor. You'll identify your communication style and how others might interpret you, learn to understand the motivations and communication styles of others, and develop confidence to have hard conversations in a way that is authentic and effective.

 Mid-Year Reflection with Ariana Pritchett

It’s that time of year. We’re consumed with the day to day and totally enveloped with all that is our lives. Summer is around the corner and all of a sudden we realize, wow, we’re half way through the year.

Don’t we all need a quick pause to pick our heads up and look around? Come spend an hour away from the hustle to assess where we are, where we want to be, and the most straightforward way to get there.

Step up your leadership with kim hunter

Leadership is a big bold word. How does it feel to be called a leader? Is it something we’re born with or a skill that we develop over time? How do we navigate the people, pressures, and mean monkeys that stepping in front requires? This workshop covers: how to cultivate a leadership mindset and overcome the stories that hold us back, tactics and tips on leadership style, and how to make a game plan that moves you forward.

Personal branding 101 with Sharon mcpeake + lindsay jean thomson

“So, what do you do?” If this question gives you the shakes, you’re not alone. It's hard to talk about yourself. What if you sound arrogant? What if they don’t get it? But once you know how to communicate your value, other people will too. Sharon and Lindsay cover: how to identify and narrow down your expertise into something that’s memorable and sellable, how you can use your other passions so you can stay authentic and differentiate yourself, and how to develop a brand story that gets you paid for doing the work you love, not just the work you can do.

Choose must: Commit to your creativity with Elle luna 

Do you have a desire to commit to your creativity? To evolve through what you feel you Should do so that you can more fully honor your soul's deepest longing—Must? Join artist, writer, and #The100DayProject leader Elle Luna for a discussion on: what makes a good #The100DayProject, how to choose which passion to pursue, how to harvest your Must in 10 minutes a day, and other great ways to bring your creativity to life.

Goal setting with Jacki Car 

Join Rock Your Bliss co-founder Jacki Carr for a conversation on Goals Alive. There's power in writing down what you want in powerful affirmative language with a clear accountability date. Jacki likens goal setting to hiking a mountain, creating a vision to where you want to go and mapping out your steps to get there all while being so open to the nature of the path and all its curves and ups and downs to get there. Let's come together and live our bold goals for 2017.

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