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You're not just in it for the money, but that doesn't mean the money doesn't matter. The more resources you have, the more capable you are living well and helping others do the same. Check out the following workshops about living wellthy.  



Oftentimes we postpone getting out financial house in order because we don’t know even where to start. This workshop will simplify our financial system on one piece of paper and teach you 1) what are the four financial buckets people save with, 2) what makes them different, 3) what order to fill them, and 4) what makes more sense for our different stages in life.

Money MatterS: Conversations with money with elizabeth husserl, M.A.

We all know that our relationship to money is a place we experience stress – no matter how much or how little you have in the bank. One of the best ways to transform our money stress into money creation is to pause and really get clear on what money means to us. The easiest way to do this is through a money conversation. Come discover how to talk to money, why it is important to do, and how an ongoing conversation with money may be the best investment you do all year. This interactive and experiential webinar will give you a simple and yet highly effective and profound technique to experience money in an entirely new way – not just as a tool but as a profound ally and teacher.

NEGOTIATION and your job search with Jennifer Lambertson of the Constellations

Jennifer Lambertson, founder of female-first recruitment agency the constellations, shows you how to approach all stages of your employment as negotiation – from the job hunt to raises and promotions. We cover how to implement simple strategies to ensure that your experience, skill set, and value are accurately reflected in your resume, how to navigate job interviews, and ultimately how to feel more confident when negotiating a new salary or a raise.


Crowdfunding your business is an amazing opportunity and resource, but it’s much more than just a “kickstart” to your business and can certainly be a bit cumbersome at times. How do I set my Kickstarter goal? How do I spread the word? What happens after we hit our goal? In this workshop, we’ll share tips and tricks to run a successful Kickstarter campaign and discuss best practices for pre-, during, and post-Kickstarter launch!

Embrace a sales mindset: how to succeed without feeling sales-y with leah neaderthal

Everyone hates the sales part. Whether you’re selling to new clients in your own business or trying to get things done within your company, “the sales part” can feel uncomfortable and, well, salesy. But it doesn’t have to. In this session, Leah Neaderthal offers simple mindset shifts that will help you develop a sales style that feels comfortable and natural and, most importantly, helps you get the job done.

Creative Negotiation with Belma McCaffrey

Negotiating just $5K more in your starting salary can result in an additional $500K in your lifetime. But what does it take to negotiate in a way that gets us the best results financially while helping us build thriving relationships at work? Creative problem solving! View the presentation and the case study.

Shift your Money Mindset with Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, The Fiscal Femme

Whether you’re working in a 9-5 or running your own business, managing your finances can be daunting. But we can shift how we feel about money, and in doing so live rich and fulfilling lives while working towards our financial goals. It doesn’t have to be hard! Ashley shares her favorite tips to shift your money mindset so that managing your finances and achieving your goals is simple, easy, and even enjoyable. You’ll leave with steps you can take to improve your financial wellness immediately.

career boosting tips with katherine nobles

Take the time to look at your professional life with a new lens. How would you like to revamp your professional life over the course of this year? In this call, we'll cover 5 action steps you can take this year to reboot and get moving forward in your career. You can view the presentation here.

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