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Upcoming Workshops + Events

Online Workshop: how to DIY Videos for your brand
with: Mary Betsy of forward films
When: Wednesday, september 6th 10aM PST

So you want videos for your brand. Great! But hiring a professional video team? That’s not in the budget now. And making videos yourself? The thought alone seems terrifying. Sound familiar? Then this workshop’s for you! This live training will guide you step by step through the video-creation process, focusing on practical tips for the inexperienced video maker. We’ll use tools you probably already have on hand: a phone and iMovie. This workshop will help you think of video topics for your brand, craft a video script, learn easy recording tips for more profess videos, and get hands on with editing basics in iMovie. What to have handy: something to write or type with and (optional) iMovie or another video-editing program. We’ll be using a few files during our iMovie walkthrough. If you’d like to follow along, you can download the files here.

Online Workshop: personal branding 101 - how to talk about yourself
with: lindsay and sharon of the get go co.
When: Tuesday, september 12th 12pM PST

“So, what do you do?” If answering this question is tough for you, you’re not alone. Most people are uncomfortable talking about themselves. But if you don’t know how to talk about the value you bring, your potential clients will have a hard time figuring it out too. Sharon and Lindsay of The Get Go Co. will help you identify and narrow down your expertise, use your passions to stay authentic and differentiate yourself, and develop a brand story that people you can feel proud of.

event: lightning talks
When: wednesday, September 13th 6:30PM PST
Where: San Francisco

You've got something to say and we want to hear it! The format: think open-mic night for people with stories to tell and ideas to share. Come to listen and learn or to get up and speak! Past speakers have talked about everything from the future of AI and why women should get more involved to how to harness your inner magic. Want to be one of the 10 women who speaks? Answer a few short questions here to submit your topic. Lightning Talks are a great opportunity to practice your storytelling skills – they're just three minutes long and our audience is warm and friendly. Use your member discount code SPEAKUP to take 20% off your ticket.

Online Workshop: Conflict and Communication - how to use conflict to develop empathy
with: Paula Connelly, Conflict coach + Board of Directors for San FRANCISCO Community Boards
When: Monday, september 18th 4pM PST

We hear a lot about empathy these days, but what does it really mean to bring more empathy into your interactions with others? So many of us avoid conflict, but what if you could use conflict to learn how to better connect with others? In this workshop we will explore how to use empathy as a pathway to better self-awareness, to form deeper connections through conflict, and to empower one another through communication. You'll learn active listening techniques, how to identify underlying needs, and how to redefine conflict through the lens of being a peace builder. 

Workshop: make friends with Your Imposter Syndrome
with: Lindsay Jean Thomson
When: Thursday, September 28th 6:30PM PST
Where: San Francisco

You're smart. Confident. People like you...any yet, you can't shake the feeling that maybe you don't really deserve your success. Or that someone else could do what you do better and what if your boss can see it too? 

In this workshop, we'll identify the different ways the Imposter Syndrome shows up and work on increasing your internal barometer for success and recognition. Use your member discount code MEMBERSROCK.

Online Workshop: How to write a great bio + About page
with: lindsay and sharon of the get go co.
When: Thursday, october 26th 12pM PST

Writing about yourself is hard. It’s quite possible that the only thing harder than talking about yourself is writing about yourself. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the best way to describe your work is to write about your clients, not yourself. Because even when it’s about you, it’s always about them. Yep, really. In this workshop, we’ll help you write an about page or bio that you’re proud to share (and that your clients will actually want to read...because it’s written just for them).

Online Workshop: content marketing 101 - develop a content roadmap for your business
with: lindsay and sharon of the get go co.
When: Thursday, november 2nd 12pM PST

Content is king...or so they say. But there’s a lot of it out there, and not all of it is good. Besides, you’re busy, right? You don’t just want to create content for the sake of it; you want to create something of value. Because when you do that well, you position yourself as an expert. An expert people buy from. In this workshop, we’ll help you come up with a content roadmap so that you can generate more awareness and convert more clients.

Check out your full list of partner discounts here and click one of the pillar areas below to view our library of workshops.   

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