Link Love: songs, art, and love at first sight

Hi friends! How was your week? My big news: Elle + I announced The Creative Collective! It's a group program to support people participating in #The100DayProject and we are *so* excited about it. We'd love for you to check it out! 

Some links to send you into the weekend:

Curious about #The100DayProject or The Creative Collective? Join our free Q&A call Monday! We'll be talking about what makes a good project + more

Why is Silicon Valley so awful to women?

One of our favorite Bay Area healers just announced this for Spring and it looks awesome

Thanks to Cutline for the sweet write-up of Lightning Talks!

Stephen Colbert talks about how he met his wife

Go get your birth control now, ladies :/

I wrote something new over on Medium

This bag is so cute – have you bought anything from Cuyana before?

Can't wait to listen to this podcast that has musicians telling the story behind the song

My friend Emily is leading a book drive for the Pajama Program, which gives the gift of a bedtime story to children in need. Want to contribute? Visit the wishlist here and click "ship with organization" at checkout.

I leave for Cuba Monday (!!) and will be totally offline, so you won't see me here for a few weeks. Enjoy yourself – I definitely will!




Link Love: #The100DayProject, Forms of Resistance, + faking it

Artwork by Elle Luna

Artwork by Elle Luna

Hello! What a week! Did you do anything for International Women's Day? We had two magical events: an interview with Sophie Jaffe in LA and Lightning Talks in SF. Can't think of a better way to celebrate!

Here's some links worth checking out to send you into the weekend: is LIVE! Sign up to get updates and inspiration for your inner creative!

Our LA event with Sophie was so inspiring! Watch the video here

Caley was featured in The Chalkboard Mag (and she gave us a nice little shout-out!)

If you're in the Bay Area, check out Hillary's art opening Saturday night for Forms of Resistance (I'm in it!)

Jenna referenced this video in her beautiful Lightning Talk about reframing fear to curiosity of being alive

This is really good!

Just signed up for Startup School

Ever feel like you're faking it? Come to my workshop on the Imposter Syndrome Wednesday night!

How well do you know the anatomy of your lady parts? (I accidentally wrote that out as lady party and almost kept it, ha!)

This is what I'm reading now (and I'm taking book recommendations for vacation if you have any!)

I will definitely be getting this book too

Come celebrate with us in the Facebook group!

Lindsay Jean





Link Love: the disease to please + a different kind of white power

Keep Going by Endeavour Neon

Keep Going by Endeavour Neon

Hello! What are you doing this weekend? Kim, Katie, and I are heading to Google tomorrow for their International Women's Day celebration and I have so many birthday celebrations for friends. Lots of March babies in my life!

Here's some good links to send you into the weekend:

We made this awesome round up of resources for women entrepreneurs by Bond Street

Powerful interview. Have you heard of the "disease to please?"

"Not the white power Trump intended" – I die. So good!

Mary Betsy's video of the Women's March features lots of our catalyst community!

34 books by women of color to read this year

"By endlessly forgiving abusive men, we tell women that the abuse they suffer is less important than some guy's right to get his point of view across."

Switched at birth – crazy story beautifully told by This American Life

How are you celebrating International Women's Day? Come to Lightning Talks (in SF) or Catalyst Conversations with Sophie Jaffe (in LA)!

Lindsay Jean



Link Love: art, food, and love (the good stuff)

Hello! Big weekend plans? I'm getting a massage (yesssss!) and seeing Hidden Figures. Maybe an Oscar party too? Some links worth checking:

8 things you can do to help trans kids

I love the NYT's "What to Cook This Weekend" newsletter

Check out my friend Peter's band Polaroid

Last night, I had the honor of interviewing one of my favorite artists

Did you watch Big Little Lies? I'm hooked...

Why the new bachelorette is a big deal 

What it looks like when an art museum removes all works made by immigrants

Do you ever feel like...maybe you don't deserve your success?

The now infamous words that have become a tattoo (would you??)

A Cuba reading list

Lindsay Jean



Link Love: Aphrodite Emerges, free classes, + March events

Photo by Helena Price

Photo by Helena Price

Hello! What are you doing (or not doing!) this weekend? I'm going to SFMOMA with friends tomorrow and Kim and I plan to see 20th Century Woman. 

Here's some good stuff to take you into the weekend:

Congrats to our friends Elle Luna + Susie Herrick on the launch of their kickstarter for Aphrodite Emerges

Pixar offers free storytelling classes online

We haven't announced our March events yet but here's a sneak peek at the first two

Into it

Speaking of, did you see this announcement from the Women's March organizers?

It ain't me

Got a subscription to this magazine for a science-loving friend – have you heard of it?

Walked past this place in the Castro a couple of weeks ago – anyone want to go?

Have a wonderful weekend, honeys! Come share your celebrations in the Facebook group.

Lindsay Jean


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Link Love: free school, reflexology, + Cuba!

Leo's Oyster Bar in SF

Leo's Oyster Bar in SF

Hello and happy Friday! Some things worth sharing:

A practical guide for resisting

I interviewed sex coach Myisha Battle (who is leading a workshop on using sexuality to tap into your creativity for us next week!) for the I love that! podcast

SF City College will now be free for city residents – yes!

LAUNCH Fest still has some tickets available for founders – apply here

My integrative doctor recommended this reflexology board...hurts so good

Why cooks love the Instant Pot (do you have one?)

I love Lena Dunham's LA home. So colorful! I'm with ya

She was warned

I booked a flight to Cuba next month – would love your recs, especially for beaches!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lindsay Jean

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#wcw: Lauren Kaneko-Jones


#wcw: Lauren Kaneko-Jones

Lauren Kaneko-Jones

Meet Lauren – acupuncturist, writer, teacher, healer. We love Lauren's approach to living well – just the right mix of magic, realness, and a whole lotta love. And she makes a hella good chai too!


Name: Lauren Kaneko-Jones

What are you working on: My clinic, always – Service Workers Acupuncture Project. Some really awesome seasonal health group coaching programs. Just finishing up a program on how to prepare for the rest of your year by embracing winter called End + Begin. The Spring program is coming soon!

2017 Vision: My vision for 2017 has been fuzzy to be honest. It is a huge year of transition, and I'm waiting for some pieces to fall away or come together while I continue to create the next steps.

Something people might not know about you: I used to hate needles (including acupuncture needles), be a picky eater, and roll my eyes at anything woo woo or magical. I am a total convert. The holistic woo is now an integral part of my life and seriously boost all the structured medical wisdom I use. 

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Another boss lady friend brought me to Women Catalysts. She told me about the warmth and friendly community and accessible way of networking and connecting.

Where will we see you next: You will see me teaching more and more! Making all my Chinese medicine wisdom and clinical experience intertwined with art and creativity and personal growth. It all goes to together. Healthy, wealthy, and wise, right?!


Sign up to get Lauren's healing magic delivered straight to you here. She'll also be leading a workshop for us next month – more on that soon!



Link Love: Sex, Stretching, + Bad Feminists

Myisha Battle, by Lauren Crew

Myisha Battle, by Lauren Crew

What. A. Week. And we're just getting started. Here's some link love to send you into the weekend. 

Don't mess with Arnold (he'll be baaaack)

Facebook reminded me this week about the videos I used to make to get you to stretch at your desk

I'm with Jessica Williams

Congrats on the launch of Threshold, Amy!

My dream club

Get laid and get paid...should that be our new tagline?!

Mary on why she's changing her name after 5 years of marriage

ACLU donations soared last weekend (I donated, did you?)

Awesome resource on building inclusive tech hubs from Change Catalyst and Women Techmakers

"My son was a Columbine shooter"...heavy, but worth watching 

Your voice counts! More proof! And more! This too!

The QUEEN has three hearts! 

My favorite balm (totally natural, no waste)

I have my eye on this cookbook

LA! Come hang out with us this Wednesday!

SF! Coworking day next Friday!

As always, we're doing celebrations in the Facebook group. Come say hi and tell us something good.