Link love: your brain on nature, worrying, and NOPE!

Hello! Happy Friday. And happy Fall! I'm starting to feel the shift, how about you? 

Congrats to our friends Hillary and Darryl on the launch of High Dive Studios – check 'em out if you need any video content!

Our friend Emily reports from Mexico City – and here's a great roundup of where to donate

We are also thinking of our friends in Puerto Rico – here's how to help

"I'm done with not being believed"

Saturday Mornings by Jennifer Lewis

LA! We're baaaaaack!

Do you worry a lot? Try this instead.

Tracee Ellis Ross is a delight

Shondaland is here! Love this interview with Maxine Waters

Excited about this cookbook!

The NOPE sweatshirts are back – just two more days to place an order. We also have mugs, tees, and totes ;)

I'm all about 1) roast chicken, and 2) one-pan dinners (can you tell I'm really into cooking lately?)

And from Team WC –

Kim shares:

Astrology time! Virgo is full on. It's all about priorities and getting them straight. Kaypacha is the Yin to Chani Nicholas Yang. 

Inspired by oil heiress Leah Hunt-Hendrix's Solidaire network to fund the resistance. She's a Catalysts that I'd like to interview!

Brene Brown on speaking truth to bullshit and true belonging. Yas Queen!

Katie shares:

This is your brain on nature

Goats are cute and good for nature

Have a wonderful weekend!





#wcw: Lauren Dodge

Lauren Dodge

Lauren and I met through a mutual friend who thought we'd hit it off and boy, am I glad she did. Lauren is a master of design and brings user-centered thinking to topics that you'd never thing of applying it to – like dating! She brought down the house with her Lighting Talk and continues to bring her creativity and warm Southern charm to the Women Catalysts community. She and I also share a love for nerding-out on science and history, whether it's out at Odd Salon in San Francisco or a documentary night at home. I appreciate her curiosity and, as you'll see below, she's a fabulous force on so many fronts. - Kim

What are you working on?: I’m currently the Senior UX Designer for Frankly Inc. We provide digital solutions for several hundred local news stations with the goal to help keep the local news circuit relevant and connected to their areas in the face of a struggling market. There are so many competing forces these days, and many local news sources are taking a big hit. The thing is, in times of crisis, they are in a position to assist their community in a really big way, and my goal is to make sure they have the tools to help as many as possible. As a Texas native with a lot of family in Florida, I watched the devastating impact hurricanes Harvey and Irma inflicted on so many people I care about. These next couple months I will be working on making more specialized alert systems and follow up community outreach aggregators for local crises in hopes that we can help people navigate these confusing and stressful situtations better. I’m looking to chat with folks who experienced similar scenarios or anybody with suggestions, it would be a great help!

What is your vision for 2017?: I’ve been honing my UX craft for several years now, and I’m really shifting gears with the kinds of projects I take on. It's so important to me that my work helps makes peoples lives a little bit better, perhaps a little easier so they can focus on the things that really matter to them. Food for my soul has been focusing on really connecting with the people I love. Remembering that life is short and there are only so many moments we’re given to be together has really helped shift my priorities toward things that truly matter.

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I wouldn’t say it's the best thing, but it's a new and exciting thing! As a penny-pinching design nut, I’ve been working on a furniture import business geared at bringing the classics to the Bay Area at prices that are actually within reach. Just a little side project, but exploring the interworkings of international manufacturing and logistics has been so much fun! It’s so new that we’ve only just sold our first round of about 12 pieces – from Selig Z Chairs to Eames Lounges, to Danish-inspired consoles – we don’t even have a site up yet, it's so green. However, we were able to sell the lot within one weekend, so we’re on to round two! If you’re interested in seeing our catalog, or wouldn't mind chatting about your experiences in importing goods, give me a nudge! 

What brought you to WC?: I met Kim earlier last year over a night of karaoke and was so taken by her dedication to making a space for women to connect and support each other in achieving their dreams, I just had to swing by to check it out. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many strong, determined women over the course of the year, dropping into the Lightning Talks, and had a blast giving my own public speaking skills a little practice. 

Where will we see you next?: Hopefully, we can chat about your experiences in navigating times of local crises or our mutual love of the Danish Modern persuasion. You can find me on Instagram (@laurenpdodge) and Facebook. I would love to connect!



Link love: Burning Man, salary negotiation, and top ladies

Love this photo Anna took of Nicole at Lightning Talks the other night!

Love this photo Anna took of Nicole at Lightning Talks the other night!


What's good? This week we shared the next round of The Catalyst Collective and I can't wait to get started!

Being Black at Burning Man

Women who are changing the world (preach!)

We've got a bunch of workshops schedule – next up: dealing with your Imposter Syndrome

Laura is walking for Dress for Success – want to help?

The latest in the cancer diaries – by the way, next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and here's what I'm doing

Total fail, Nikon

Thank you, Edith

My latest project! Check it out. Starts in just a month!

And from Team WC –

Jenna shares:

Braving the wilderness

NPR's Top 150 Albums by Women

Dear Sugar on "The Price of Our Dreams"

Kathlyn on salary negotiation (part of a great series from our friend Mary Betsy!)

Katie shares:

Science is cool

Hillary supporters don't want her to shut up

What are you up to this weekend? I'll be at this tomorrow night if you want to come! And if you've got something cool coming up you want to share with the community, send me a note!




#wcw: Sharon McPeake

Sharon McPeake

Sharon and I met in dance class a couple of years ago and despite the fact that everything I do looks like an Irish gig, she still became friends with me. She's one of the most creative people I know. Not only is she a dancer, she's also an illustrator and fine artist and she recently picked up ceramics (and she's so good!). I love that about her – she doesn't just stay where she's comfortable, she's always willing and excited to try new things. Like a project with me! 

What are you working on: I'm currently working on a collaboration with the fabulous Lindsay Jean Thomson [ed.: I didn't make her say that!] called The Get Go Co. The idea grew out of a mutual realization that combining our experience with copywriting, art direction, and business building would be a key resource for creatives, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs. We've been busily crafting a 5 week business bootcamp that will help entrepreneurs get their business in shape fast. We launch our first session mid-October! When I'm not pulling together materials for The Get Go Co., I'm working for my design clients at Say Hello Design or creating ceramics in my artist studio. 

What's your vision for 2017: I want to feel as though I have helped people build sustainable businesses that holistically combine their dreams with the practical aspects of achieving their version of success. I want to find balance in my own life between work and play. I want to point out the magic in the mundane and make the world just the tiniest bit more beautiful. 

Best thing our readers might not know about: The Creative Pep Talks podcast is the best. Aside from having a gorgeous website that showcases the power of illustration to create absolute joy, their guests have helped me build a more sustainable life around creativity. I appreciate that the themes are both aspirational and practical in striking the difficult balance between making good money and making great art.

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Community. (Drop the mike.)

Where will we see you next: The Get Go Co. is offering some online workshops over the next few months. Check out How to Write a Great Bio + About Page and Content Marketing 101 (they're free!).



#wcw: Julianne Kanzaki

Julianne Kanzaki

A few months ago, Julianne gave a Lightning Talk at Women Catalysts on how doing the life changing magic of tidying up went from beyond the material items in her home to her career and her relationships and more. Her message, simply and beautifully stated, was to pursue the things that spark joy in your life. More on how Julianne chooses joy – and helps others do the same – below. 

What are you working on: In February, I took the leap full-time into my own nutrition/wellness coaching business. My days are now spent helping my clients using The Kanzaki Method, which involves customized nutrition meal plans and coaching, hiking/nature immersion, and mindfulness/stress reduction techniques. I also launched my handmade cards, which are now available at Kaleidoscope Coffee. In between all of this, I'm writing my first book!

What's your vision for 2017: To paint a life that uses ALL of the colors I've been given in my artist's palette that can bless, encourage, and help others. To continue to grow and stretch myself by saying YES to new and exciting opportunities that spark joy!

Best thing our readers might not know about: CreativeLive is an extremely useful resource with content ranging from money and life, art and design, to personal branding and networking that are taught by top creatives. Many of the tools and techniques I use in my everyday personal and professional life I've learned from these courses.

What brought you to Women Catalysts: I first heard about Women Catalysts when I met Lindsay Jean Thomson through The Creative Collective and #the100dayproject. I was craving a community of creative, ambitious, and energetic women who are doing amazing work in the world, and found it here!

Where will we see you next: I'll be speaking at the next Lightning Talks on September 13th and I'm excited to lead an online workshop in October for Women Catalysts members on navigating life transitions! 



#wcw: Anika Zebron

Y'all, sometimes the internet is really cool because it helps you meet awesome people you might not otherwise get the chance to know. Like Anika! When I shared that we'd be heading to Seattle for a pop-up event, Anika reached out and told me about the #bossladies collective she started there with fellow creatives. We love meeting women like the #bossladies! Not only that, but Anika has so many cool projects in the works. More below!

What are you working on: I’m busy at work with my team #bossladies in Seattle, a collective that plans events to promote and support local lady entrepreneurs. I just refreshed my own design site, Anika Zebron Design, which includes new stationery collections and fine art prints. I happen to also teach high school English and Art; as of this week, I’m back on contract, amping up for another adventurous year. I need another cup of coffee. 

What's your vision for 2017: I see 2017 as a time for continued growth in my creative community –I’ve been truly amazed at the spirit of camaraderie within it. The #bossladies platform has served as a special catalyst for me creatively. There are so many exciting #bossladies events planned for 2017, including our #bossladies Brunches and our Autumn Pop Up Shop, featuring local lady entrepreneurs and their products. I’ve never been busier or happier. 

Best thing our readers might not know about: I’m a singer/songwriter, and working on an album with my husband! It’s a longtime dream of ours. The plan? To make your hands clap. 

What brought you to Women Catalysts: I learned about Women Catalysts through Lindsay Jean Thomson and her work with The Creative Collective & the 100 Day Project. When Lindsay announced the Seattle WC Conversation with Pamela Mattsson, I checked WC out and was thrilled to see that they focus on the same female platforms that I’m passionate about. My gal pals and I were genuinely blessed to attend the Seattle WC event and are anticipating the next one. 

Where will we see you next: I’ll be cohosting the Seattle #The100DayProject Meet Up, and then at our autumn #bossladies events. If you're in Seattle, join me! 



#wcw: Chelsea Starr Alexander

Since we first met Chelsea a couple of years ago, she and her friend Fallyn have started a business (you know we love a good best friend/business partner duo!), built an awesome product that's good for your health, ran a successful Kickstarter, and turned their side project into the real-deal. Seeing them aim big and succeed is such an inspiration. Besides that, she's always happy to lend a hand, make a connection, and share her knowledge. She's a true champion of women!  

What are you working on: I’ve just taken the leap to be full-time and go full force on my business SMITH & STARR. Along with fellow WC Fallyn Smith, we’ve created the first-ever hydration handbag so you can look and feel your best. Hydration affects every aspect of your health – physical, mental, and emotional, so we hope our bag makes staying hydrated as easy and habitual as reaching for your iPhone! (Because water is a true life essential :) )   

What's your vision for 2017: My vision for 2017 is to be fearless, take risks, and aim for the stars. I joined Fallyn to start SMITH & STARR to create a solution and take on a new challenge. How can we make staying hydrated each and every day simple and stylish? The past two and half years, we’ve learned so much from pattern-making to launching an ecommerce store and the new challenges and lessons continue each and every day, but the best lesson I’ve learned is to take joy in the process of learning again.

Best thing our readers might not know about: If you’re SF-based and looking to start a business, check out the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – they offer tons of affordable business classes!  If you’re interested in getting a cat or dog, try a Foster Care program first – it’s fun to become a short-term mama to furry friends!

What brought you to WC: Community – I love the supportive, can-do energy of this kickass group.

Where will we see you next: I’ll be leading a workshop on Kickstarting Your Business via Kickstarter for WC Members [ed. note: sign up to be a member here to participate in the workshop!] and SMITH & STARR will be popping up at 20th Street Block party on August 19th.  Come by to say hello or just shoot me an email at!  


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#wcw: Allyson Pfeifer

Photo by Ashley Turner

Photo by Ashley Turner

Allyson and I met sometime in college and I knew I liked her but it wasn't until my friend Mary Beth moved to LA that we really got to connect (you know, outside of the haze beer pong). She's got a brilliant smile, killer dance moves, and the biggest, most generous heart, all of which she puts to good use as a yoga teacher, friend, and champion of foster kids. 

What are you working on: Writing. For me. I've always known deeply that I am a writer, yet I've habitually thought that it needed to be in some public format to be true – as a career, on a widely-popular blog, or in creation of a best-selling book. That piece has always felt ominous and that's when I lose my momentum. Now I'm working on writing, just for me, and allowing my truest voice to come forth and preach. I'm working on owning the fact that I'm a storyteller and discovering what I have to say. No matter what shape or form it may take in the future. 

What's your vision for 2017: To establish a confident voice in my head that helps me move through my fears with grace, humor, and humility. Or rather, allow that ever-present voice within me to get loud. I'm committed to practicing public speaking in the latter half of this year (gulp). And, perhaps most importantly, I'm creating a vision for how to use every piece of fresh produce in my farmer's market box (why is it so hard?!).

Best thing our readers might not know about: When I'm feeling low, I like to watch Beyoncé's 2011 "Love on Top" performance at the VMAs when she announces she's pregnant at the end. And then sometimes I get sucked into her entire 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. I highly recommend this elaborate mood-boosting technique. 

What brought you to WC: Lindsay! I know Lindsay from college and watching her become a writer for herself and a leader for other women is inspiring. Talk about grace, humor, and humility! I'm here to soak in her wisdom and the brilliance this community has cultivated together. 

Where will we see you next: I'm Chairing the Evening to Foster Dreams Gala for CASA of Los Angeles next April at the Beverly Hilton! In the same ballroom as they host the Golden Globes, I'll have to speak from a teleprompter (double gulp). I've been on the CASA Board for over 4 years and am thrilled to have been chosen to run our Gala for next year. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) provides crucial advocacy to neglected and abused foster youth – and LA has the largest foster population in the U.S. As the first female and youngest Chair we've had, I want to motivate the next generation to be actively engaged in raising awareness and much-needed funding to support the foster youth in the LA community. 

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#wcw: Chantelle Tankson

Chantelle Tankson

You might have seen Chantelle speak about showing up with authenticity and vulnerability at our last round of Lightning Talks – a message we are totally behind. We also love what an enthusiastic community builder she is. Seriously – she shows up, and that's one of our core values. More on how Chantelle is building community for women below!

Name: Chantelle Tankson 

What are you working on: Developing communities for women, by women. 

What's your vision for 2017: The rest of this year is all about connecting in meaningful, authentic ways and sharing what sisterhood means to me in the world. 

Best thing our readers might not know about: You might not know about this awesome app I'm working on that's just for women. Check it out at

What brought you to WC: My friend Courtney Irvin actually told me about her experience and how helpful it was for her professional and personal development. So I gave it a try, and girl am I glad I did. 

Where will we see you next: You'll see me at our next weekly Beta Testing Mixer we hold weekly at our office! Email me for details if you're interested in charcuterie boards and wine tastings! 

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Link love: we're coming to Seattle, Women 2.0, and shaking it!

Betsy Burroughs delighting the audience at Lightning Talks this week

Betsy Burroughs delighting the audience at Lightning Talks this week

Hey friends! Congrats to everyone who finished (or is still going!) #The100DayProject this week. Short and sweet today – it's my birthday and I'm taking the day off! What are you up to this weekend?

Here's what's good:

Exciting news: we're heading to Seattle for a pop-up event in August! Invite your friends ;) 

Laura gave some great advice in the Facebook group on finding a mentor

Women 2.0 just launched their job platform Lane to get more women careers in tech

Today is the last day to get your early bird tix for Shake Your Boobies!

We love us a good ally! (Plus his mom's response on Twitter is pretty sweet)

Love this letter from Amelia Earhart (way to set boundaries!)

This new vegetarian spot in the Mission looks great

Flower Piano is back!

Excited about this event next week from our friends at Red Light Lit




#wcw: Sarah Harrison

I mean, look at that beautiful genius! Say hi to Sarah Harrison. We were lucky to have Sarah facilitate a brainstorming session for Women Catalysts in the early days and let me tell you, she not only looks fabulous in a tiara and feather boa, but she's also a thoughtful leader with a real gift for nurturing ideas. We think she's pretty great – read on to learn more about Sarah and what she's up to making the planet a healthier place. 

Name: Sarah Harrison

What are you working on: I’m building out The Determined, a consulting agency that helps teams solve climate change faster through branding, design, messaging, and strategy.

What's your vision for 2017: We’ve been working with clients creating positive change in any area, but now we’re really excited to start building our portfolio with clients doing awesome things to heal this planet. It really feels like the biggest problem the world needs to be facing right now, and I’m excited to dig in and help.

Best thing our readers might not know about: I often find myself having to educate people on the value of design and strategy, especially on the value of bringing design in to a project early. People think design is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, but the work we do really starts at the concept and prototyping stages, or even before. We don’t want to come in at the end of a project, we want to be involved with you from stage 1 and use our creative skills to come up with ways you can prototype, test, and promote your idea that will be the most efficient and impactful.

What brought you to Women Catalysts: Many of my smart, creative, talented friends are members, so clearly the community is amazing. And I love the way Kim and Lindsay Jean use Women Catalysts as a platform to empower and promote their members, sharing the spotlight and encouraging everyone to speak up and share what they know!

Where will we see you next: We just did an event at SF Design Week and are looking forward to what’s next. We would love to work with anyone putting on an event to help make that event more impactful. One of the services we provide is workshop facilitation. Instead of getting people together and just talking/listening, we get everyone in the room collaborating on a specific outcome. We’d love to help any conveners in the community put on an amazing custom event.



#wcw: Liz Lee

One of the best parts of starting something like Women Catalysts is just how many women on a mission you get to meet. Liz is one such woman, aiming to make the world a better and safer place for marginalized people. Over the past two years, we've seen her go from giving her first Lightning Talks to pitching investors on stage and raising funding for her nonprofit. We can't wait to see what she does next.

Name: Liz Lee

What are you working on: Building a nonprofit, Online SOS, protecting freedom of expression, creating a safe haven for individuals experiencing online harassment. So when women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks are targeted and threatened online, they have a central place to seek professional help. 

What's your vision for 2017: Creation. Focusing on what's possible, being in action, and letting go of limiting stories and old habits. On a personal note, maintaining financial, physical, and emotional health. On a professional note, helping shape a future in which all Americans can be self-expressed online without fear, intimidation, or censorship.

Best thing our readers might not know about: The Dip (a super easy read by Seth Godin about when to quit and how to say no to opportunities). Dotted notebooks (Leuchtturm1917). Landmark Forum (professional/personal development curriculum that helped me a ton). 

What brought you to WC: An intention setting workshop in 2015 in search of community when I first moved here from NYC. What kept me coming back was The Catalyst Collective, Lightning Talks, speaker series, guided networking, LJT and KH, WC membership, and amazing badass women.

Where will we see you next: For better or worse, on social media! Trying to write more and increase awareness for our org, but would like to be more creative and concise. If anyone wants to advise, amplify, volunteer, or contract, let me know. And if you or anyone you know is dealing with online harassment, please know we’re here to help!  



Link love: Babes, boobs, and belly laughs

Is it weird that the bathroom is one of my favorite things about SFMOMA? ;)

Is it weird that the bathroom is one of my favorite things about SFMOMA? ;)

Hello! Any plans for the 4th? It's always been my favorite bags have been packed since Wednesday! We're just doing a local trip to Nevada City. Have you been? It's a cute little mining town near the Yuba River. Definitely worth a weekend getaway to check it out if you're in the Bay Area!

A few good links to send you into the long weekend:

Look who's on the cover of Yoga Journal! Our LA team leader Caley!

Friends of WC LA are working on a campaign for Plan C and looking for women to share their abortion stories

Check out my friend David's comedy show in SF

Makes total sense to me

Maggie started this scholarship fund for Dae'Anna Reynolds, the young girl who was in the car with her mom and Philando Castile when he was killed – every little bit helps if you can contribute

Just a few more days to submit your topic for our July 12th Lightning Talks!

Reimagining Treasure Island

Hacktivists Unite for Women

If Buddhist monks trained AI

I just signed up for a knife skills class at 18 Reasons

My thoughts exactly

The National gives me all of the feels

This veggie frittata recipe from Sqirl looks yum

The mystery of the laughter on the Golden Record

Lastly, come celebrate the anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis with me (it'll be fun, I promise)




#wcw: Katrina McHugh

Photo of Katrina by Rachelle Derouin

Photo of Katrina by Rachelle Derouin

I've been creative girl crushing on Katrina for so long that I can't remember what I came across first: her playful branding agency or her delightfully entertaining 100 Day Project, #100daysoflyricalnaturalsciences. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! I didn't even know about her latest project – you gotta read to find out!

Name: Katrina McHugh

What are you working on: As a co-founder of Flight Design Co., most of my day is spent behind the scenes keeping our little creative strategy and graphic design studio buzzing along. We recently completed our 100th logo design, which is something that we're very proud of! It feels like just yesterday that we started our business so it's exciting to look back and see how far we've come.

What's your vision for 2017: So far this year I've been focusing on growing my personal creative practice. We've found that leaning into our own art and side-projects alongside client work keeps us inspired, and those creative juices spill over into everything we do as a company. For me a personal creative practice looks like: keeping a sketchbook for the sketchbook project, making posters about song lyrics, creating infographics, and a my latest adventure, The Question Everything Project.  

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I had glasses and an eye-patch as a kid. My dog is an advanced yogi (example A and example B). 

What brought you to WC: While we've looked into getting a studio space numerous times, our little team of four is scattered pretty widely over the Bay Area and it hasn't quite made sense for us yet. That said, working from our home studios can get a bit lonely! We're always looking for new ways to connect with amazing folks and learn more. So very happy to have found Women Catalysts. 

Where will we see you next: You can follow me on Instagram at @katrinamchugh. I've been working on a big secret project that I can't quite share yet, so mostly staying close to home but next week I'll be at my husband's stand up comedy show at the Lost Church happily enjoying some laugh therapy!



Link love: #1BillioninChange, love at City Hall, and being a badass

Excited to start Modern Women's Many Moons guide

Excited to start Modern Women's Many Moons guide

Hey! Hope you had a great week. It's PRIDE in San Francisco this weekend – we'll be celebrating our LGBTQIA friends! What are you up to?

Some links to send you into the weekend:

So inspired by our talk with Jessica last night – you can watch the livestream here

Kiva hit #1BillioninChange yesterday! Check out Kiva U for resources to be a better global citizen

Love this video our friends at Forward Films made about about a day of weddings at City Hall

Sandra is a badass and you can be too

"Help is the sunny side of control" - Anne Lamott

One of our favorite artists and past speakers is leading a wooden spoon carving class

An early peek at our July event – we haven't announced it yet!

Congrats to OnlineSOS and all of these incredible resistance groups on their funding!

Winter is here

"My body is not a problem"

Have a wonderful weekend!





#wcw: Allison Roman

Allison Roman

Allison Roman is one of the most dedicated people I've ever known – her passion for learning and sharing knowledge is absolutely awe-inspiring. She's my go-to for natural remedies and self-care support! She's a certified herbalist and nutrition counselor and her latest project is the culmination of years of practice integrating different healing modalities. Plus, it's my favorite skincare line. More about Allison and Kaliks Collective below!

Name: Allison Roman (formerly known as Allison Hodge)

What are you working on: A lot of my time is spent working on Kaliks Collective, my apothecary line featuring self care products for skin, body, and soul. Currently, I'm developing a few new products to launch this fall, which is both exciting and all-consuming. I love being in the creative flow. I’m also always working on being the best stepmom I can be to two young girls that are a huge part of my life. Setting an example as a strong, confident and empowered woman is a priority for me. You gotta walk the talk...

What's your vision for 2017: So far it has been about GROWTH. I’ve learned so much this year already from a handful of experiences. But I have to say business-wise my vision is expanding awareness and making it happen! On a personal note, I’m about leaning into my intuition more (it never fails me!) and fine-tuning my communication while owning my role as a creator and maker. 

Best thing our readers might not know about you: When I’m not learning about alternative medicine, cooking, getting out in nature, or hanging with my family you can find me glued to the Warriors games on tv screaming obscenities to the refs and opposing teams. All of my years of yoga and meditation go out the window when it comes to sports! I’m from Southeast Texas and despite my 12+ years in San Francisco, I still have a bit of grit and southern sass that enjoys getting rowdy every now and then! And although I’m a herbalist and nutrition practitioner, I’ve had years of chronic health issues that have required me to connect with my body in really profound ways. Healing can be paradoxical at times and some of the biggest hurdles are mental and emotional. I have a huge toolbox of self-care tips and nothing makes me happier than empowering others on their healing path. 

What brought you to WC: Lindsay Jean, of course! I most enjoying being introverted at home but can hang in pretty much any social setting. I found myself wanting to get out more and network with other like-minded women and Lindsay encouraged me to go. And...Women Catalysts = a good time! Such a wonderful group of badass women rocking their lives…always inspiring and warming my heart. 

Where will we see you next: Find me online! I have several fairs and online features in the works that I’m excited to share! And if you’re interested in skincare and wellness tips that are practical and joy-filled, come check out my blog.



Link Love: Kamala, career un-advice, and mid-year reflections

By Flight Design Co.

By Flight Design Co.

Hello! Happy Friday! How was your week? Big weekend plans? I have an engagement party tonight and a pride party tomorrow. And it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so maybe a beach day too. 

A few links worth checking out to send you into the weekend:

This career un-advice really resonated with me

Run Across Haiti to end poverty with our friends Team Tassy 

MB and Jacki interviewed me for the Rock Your Bliss podcast!

Anukampa Freedom is on a mission to get America to Zero Waste – want to get involved?

FinTech entrepreneurs, check out this accelerator program

Oh hellllll no (and Kamala Harris is the BOSS)

Welcome to our world, Comey

Yoko Ono finally gets credit 

Photos of Pulse survivors and family

Genius hummus tips

The latest in the cancer diaries is up on VICE

Looking forward to our mid-year reflection workshop with Flight Design Co.'s Ariana on Tuesday and our interview with Jessica on Thursday – come!




#wcw: Regina Felice Garcia

Meet our #wcw, the exuberant Regina Felice Garcia! Felice means happy or fortunate and girl, is she. She brings that happy enthusiasm to everything she does from photographing rad women to teaching yoga to the chocolate company she started with her sister – more on all of that below!

What are you working on: I'm working on infusing all of me into everything I do! I'm currently investing most of my energy into Badass Women Photos and Live A Lot (we just got our superfood chocolate into Rainbow Grocery YAY!)

What's your vision for 2017: 2017 is all about embodiment and taking action. It's about saying "let's go!" way more often than "maybe when the time is right..." because who the heck knows when the right time is, no one knows what that means!! This also includes being more mindful about allocating my "let's go" to the things that feel most aligned with my heart and energy.   

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I'm filled with love – for everyone I photograph, for early mornings, for lights and shadows, plants, strangers, colors, ahhh. I'm often overwhelmed with sweet life abundance to the point of tears – I call it a Gratitude Bomb

What brought you to WC: I was invited by Lauren Kaneko-Jones to a WC coworking day at GA and it was a natural fit...a group of women with drive and heart doing cool shit?! I'm in. 

Where will we see you next: You can catch me at Women of Words on the first Wednesday of every month and at Monthly Cacao Gatherings hosted by my sister, Giovanna – next one is on June 21st. I'll be sharing chocolate samples at different events and locations over the summer, stay tuned for those on Live A Lot. And you can see a bunch of photos of inspiring badass women here



Link Love: pride, disco, and more pride

Hello! Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? I'm at the Jersey Shore with my friend Trish. GTL!

8 talks for Pride Month from Creative Mornings

The benefits of talking to yourself

Good advice from our favorite chiropractor, Dr. Drwencke

Excited for our interview with Jessica Hansen from Kiva!

Congrats to Kim and the team at Aclima for changing how we view pollution

Adrienne is putting the disco back in discomfort for her talk at BIL this weekend

Lisa Marie is performing at Small Wonder in Oakland Sunday at 1:30

Sign up for Sarah's week-long challenge to get from frazzled to focused

Did you watch Comey's testimony?

Come to my Burning Man camp's Summer of Pride party next weekend

And I can't believe it's Day 67 of #The100DayProject! How's your project going? 




#wcw: Jenn Choi

I met Jenn at one of our first coworking days. If you're lucky enough to get to meet her too, she'll be one of your biggest cheerleaders. She's also passionate about helping people and companies up their E.Q. (that's Emotional Intelligence) – more on that below!

Name: Jennifer Choi

What are you working on: I'm most excited right now about my labor of love Cup of Comms, which is a video series that teaches people how to communicate better. I'm also helping technology companies communicate more like humans with emotional intelligence via my consultancy Bon Intent. Oh! And I'm doing #the100dayproject to inspire others to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Find the extraordinary with me here: #100daysofextraordinaryintheordinary. 

What's your vision for 2017: My vision for 2017 is two-fold: 1) To embrace my inner artist. 2) To fly like a bird. My mom is an amazing artist, and as I've grown older, I've totally realized that I'm an artist too. I'm a "word artist" (hell yeah, I can proudly claim that!) who is ready to unleash the creative spirit bursting out of me. And I feel like that creative spirit is a bird, ready to spread her wings. I plan to spend the rest of 2017 as a digital nomad, migrating like a bird. In June I move to Berlin, Germany for the summer. It's a very artistic city!

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I once accidentally walked the red carpet at the Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia while wearing jeans and Nike sneakers. For reference, everyone else was in tuxedos and ballgowns. When I realized that there was no other entryway it was too late, so I ran in like a mouse in embarrassment. Later I discovered that everyone walking in was projected on the big screen at the National Theater. Woops. My regret was not my outfit choice but how I cowered. The next year I went back and wore something slightly fancier and proudly walked the red carpet, with purpose and confidence. 

What brought you to WC: The desire to connect with other badass women who are ready to make a change in their own lives and the lives of others. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me since Lindsay became my coach for a few months while I was a budding entrepreneur. I am now confident enough to share my voice as a Unified Self. Thank you for changing my life, Lindsay and Women Catalysts!

Where will we see you next: Online! I'm a Featured Expert with over 350 videos on the new Q&A social media app Whale. Feel free to ask me questions on communication, being a woman entrepreneur, travel advice, or anything else here.


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