#wcw: Susie Herrick

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You might have guessed that we're pretty passionate about issues relating to women around here ;). We started Women Catalysts for so many reasons – mostly, we saw a need for more spaces for women to gather, to share their stories, and to get to support and encouragement. We couldn't be more excited to share our #wcw Susie Herrick's new book with you. Your Story Is Your Power, written with co-author Elle Luna, shows us how to uncover and understand our own stories about Feminine Power in order to live more confident, unapologetic lives. Sounds amazing, right? Meet Susie!

My goals for this year are...To work as hard as I can to free the feminine voice. To be of service to the emerging power and love that is coming out of people ready for change. To facilitate people speaking out, sharing their perspectives and what they want, and to be a platform for women to seek community and healing.

Here's how you can help me...Open up spaces and invite me to speak so more people can be reached. Host other women to come present their stories.

One of my best talents is...I see people and help them see themselves and gain confidence in their abilities.


We are *thrilled* to host Susie and her co-author Elle Luna for not one but TWO great events. Join us Thursday, March 8th (International Women's Day!) in San Francisco or Saturday, March 10th in Seattle – you're not going to want to miss these ones.



#wcw: Lisa Marie Young

  Photo by Anna van Tuinen

Photo by Anna van Tuinen

We love love. I guess we all do, right? If the bad news of the world has got you down, all the more reason to seek out inspiring messages of love, joy, and connection. That's what this week's #wcw is all about! Meet Lisa, Loveangelist, linguist, and self-proclaimed math nerd. And more, of course. Lady's got goals. Check 'em out. 

My goals for this year are...I have five goals for this year that correspond to different parts of my life:

  1. I want to serve more individuals and organizations through my business without overextending myself. I help people use unique connection codes for better interpersonal relationships in business and life, which has taken a few distinct paths: teaching entrepreneurs to understand their “linguistic fingerprint” and using this to attract and keep clients they actually want in their businesses; guiding individuals to better relationships (either by attracting love into their lives, or connecting better with their current partner), helping introverts and those with aversion to social settings make strategic connections; and creating connections in the workplace that facilitate improved collaboration and productivity.
  2. Medical Clown Project: this is a local nonprofit I’m on the board of that provides holistic healing therapy to various patient populations and disaster victims through the work of professional clowning. My goal is to help expand their reach through education on the patient populations they work with (the largest of which being memory loss patients, with whom normal modes of communication are often not effective, causing difficulty for both caretakers and healthcare professionals) and to help them serve more communities across the U.S.

  3. Loveangelists duo: performing transformative experiences with an acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, our mission is to spread empowerment (starting with self love) so that more live the lives they’ve always known they can live. By the end of 2018 I’d like our music to be streaming on empowerment and self love playlists around the world!

  4. Conscious Connectors of the Bay Area: this is currently a Meetup group for those who understand the importance of connection – not just to others and the world but also the connection within that determines how we show up in the world. In 2018, I’d like to strengthen the community and provide more resources for members than the current monthly events.

  5. Finish writing my first book.

  6. (I think after a year of engagement we can start planning the wedding! Let’s make the wedding an honorary 2018 goal.)

Here's how you can help me...If you know that better connection is something you want more of in your life, your business, or for colleagues at your job (haha…but really though), consider this your official invitation to contact me about it. If you see opportunities to collaborate at your events, on your podcast/radio/vlog or other publication, let’s talk about it! If you care about people finding their authenticity, connection skills, and/or living life empowered and want to be involved with more people experiencing the same, send a message! I’m also still learning about/settling into the Bay Area, so if you know relevant communities, companies, and organizations here I’d love to get to know them too.

Honestly, if you’ve read this and feel drawn to any of it, I sincerely request that you reach out. Even if you don’t know why, there’s likely a reason. (It’s also likely that I’ll see the connection).

One of my best talents is...I appreciate the skills I’ve developed that have enabled me to connect to anyone on this earth: linguistic aptitudes, dancing (the way I’ve met each of my closest friends as an adult, including my fiance!), intuition, being able to read between the lines (literally and figuratively), and creating music (singing/songwriting/percussion playing).

But I believe the talent I’ve had longest – and that I’m most grateful for – is pattern recognition. First it was shapes and blocks sequences, then math equations (I was a math NERD growing up!), then languages, followed by cultures, and then recognizing my own patterns and replacing ones that no longer serve me. Now helping others to do the same is deeply fulfilling.

My favorite resources are...Women Catalysts! But you already knew this (#duh). There is so much power in community. Not just any community, but community that inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves. Two very different communities I’m a part of: Nomadness Travel Tribe (15k+ group of urban travelers around the world with family-like bonds in how we support one another) and the incredible group of entrepreneurs I’ve grown and masterminded with via Live Your Message Mentorship.

Some books: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, You Just Don’t Understand: Men & Women in Conversation by Deborah Tannen, Originals by Adam Grant, and a slew of others.

The ultimate resource is what’s within. We may block ourselves from it or not be aware of it, but my absolute favorite is the largely untapped resource that we each carry inside of ourselves every day. When we’re in touch with that, anything is truly possible.


WORD. We couldn't agree more. Lisa is speaking at Lightning Talks *tonight* about your linguistic fingerprint. How cool does that sound? Come to learn more!


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#wcw: Liên O'Neill


My friend kindergarten teacher Lis has way of distilling right and wrong to five year-olds: do you want to make someone's spirit feel big, or do you want to make their spirit feel small? Liên is so clearly one of those people who lives to make spirits feel big; her very presence is uplifting. She actually came to one of our earliest events, but it wasn't until a couple of years later that I got the opportunity to know her through #The100DayProject. I love the way communities overlap, and am thankful that they do. Meet Liên!

My big goal for this navigate an exciting yet terrifying life transition: I’ve been homeschooling my three kids from the beginning (ages 7, 12, and almost 14), but this year I’m managing a move from Marin to the South Bay, guiding my kids in their transition from home education and learning cooperatives to public school, and making a professional transition from educator to writer, illustrator, and entrepreneur.

Here’s how you can help me...I’m looking for immediate free-lance jobs in copywriting, editing, and illustration, especially in Silicon Valley.

A couple of my best talents...distilling complex or disorganized information into clear and concise language. I’ve been writing and editing (as well as teaching writing and grammar) for the past twenty years, and I’m confident in my ability to help others communicate clearly and eloquently through the written word. I’m also an innate optimist. I love looking for the best in people and situations and using that thread to move forward. I love connecting people, and I believe that there is room for everyone’s positive contribution at the table. 

My favorite resources morning ritual of coffee, meditation, and movement; an analog planner where I record my goals, to do lists, and things for which I am grateful; my tribe of strong, powerful women that I lean on and who lean on me; and art bathing.


Liên brings so much joy and wonder to everything she does – from making her own art to teaching to creating with her kids. Come see for yourself! She is one of the wonderful women in our lineup of speakers at Lightning Talks next week.

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#wcw: Amanda Wybolt


Amanda is an OG Women Catalysts and one of my first friends who I met at the Impact Hub, a co-working space where changemakers go to work. The A in Amanda is for adventurous! This gal spent time in Senegal in the Peace Corps to stomp out malaria and shifted to SF to help social impact startups change the world. I love hitting the hiking trails around the Bay area with her on weekends. I hope this #wcw inspires you to get out there and make it happen! – Kim

What are you working on...Strategist by day, aspiring mountaineer by weekend. Figuring out how to make both of those work in inspiring ways – a good problem to have.

What's your vision for 2018...I’ve been calling this year the “jet pack” year, which is a variation on living intentionally. Too many weekends and afternoons seem to be flitting by and I’m kinda sick of hearing myself say “where’d the time go?” as I look at my un-checked goal sheet. How can I do little things every day to really take advantage of my time and live life to the fullest, and understanding that “fullest” doesn’t always mean loving everything I’m doing 24/7. Toward that end, I’m actually pretty excited to get back to my basics feel good about my foundations: mental clarity and resilience (meditation!), financial security (planning!), and getting back into hobbies that bring me pure happiness (pottery class!).

Best thing our readers might not know about...The Pizza Place on Noriega is a gem of Outer Sunset culture and has some of the best damn wings and killer pizza. And then you’re also right next to Ocean Beach. Win win win.

What brought you to Women Catalysts...I feel like I’ve known Kim and Lindsay my whole 5.5 years in SF, so when WC came to life, it was a no-brainer – of course I’m there! But more so, there are not enough places for smart, motivated women to come together to share and learn from each other, so WC is very important to me. Yes we compete with each other sometimes, but what we can learn and do when we support and push each other is something that shakes foundations to their core. I’m so over the status quo, time to re-write the normal. Let’s get it, ladies!

Where will we see you next...I’m trying to organize a meetup for female strategists in the Bay, so stay tuned for that (and holler if you want in!). Otherwise, spring backpacking season is fast approaching which is my favorite because it’s wildflower season, so planning some weekend adventures to Ventana Wilderness or something else south of the city.



#wcw: Maggie Spicer

IMG_0372 1.jpg

I first met Maggie in one of those "I'm not exactly sure why, but you two should know each other" kind of friend connections. As the founder and creative director of WHISK, Maggie designs experiences that connect – people, ideas, brands, cultures. We've occasionally been lucky enough to be part of it and can vouch for her innate ability to create inspired moments. Not to mention, her thank you note game is on point

My goals for this year deepen my knowledge of functional nutrition and integrate the tenets of Slow Medicine into daily living, to embrace what it means to be a highly sensitive person (HSP), to build a welcoming and supportive space for people to gather and connect at Baana, and to experiment with hospitality and guest experience by opening a small inn in SF and Copenhagen. 

Here's how you can help an event or join one of ours at Baana this year, give me a shout on social media (@maggiefspicer) if you, too, are interested in health and fitness and want to connect on these topics to go deeper, and lastly, if you’re in need of an experience designer or know someone who is, consider hiring my agency (! 

One of my best talents is...I notice the details in nearly everything, so when it comes to guest experience, creatively solving problems for others, or strategizing for brands, I'm the gal to connect the dots. It helps being a Capricorn, too ;)

My favorite resources are...the SF Public Library, a hike in Mt. Tam, Leandra Rouse for nutrition tips & inspiration, Rintaro lunches, and Juice Shop elixirs. 


Thanks, Maggie! As a little thank you to our members for joining the club, we'll be hosting our first members-only event at Baana next week. Sign up to be a member to join us in Maggie's beautiful space for a warm and intimate gathering. 



Link love: let's talk about sex...and your budget


Hello and happy Friday! How was your week? I'm feeling on-fire levels of productive *and* I got a tarot reading by Tirrell at The Assembly yesterday. 

Some links to send you into the weekend:

Great blog by Catherine on doing a data dive of your budget (I'm one month in to three months of no shopping if you want to join me!)

Speaking of money, Money Matters kicked off this week with Elizabeth Husserl! She's got a program that starts next week on how to develop a better relationship with money

"If we're going to have that conversation about pay equity, we've got to bring women of color to the table" – Octavia Spencer (I full-on clapped watching!)

Have you heard of Haley Stevens yet? She's running for a seat in Michigan and friends of WC are hosting a fundraiser for her next month. More women in office, yes please!

Elle's next book is available for pre-order!

"They put medals, reputation, and money over the safety of athletes." Incredible to see Aly Raisman and her fellow athletes speak up for themselves and for all young women.

This cute pin by People I've Loved benefits Larkin Street Youth

We have three online events coming up: Goal Setting Sunday, a call for prospective team leaders (if you want to bring WC to your city!) on Monday, and Wine Wednesday!

Have you started Caley's meditation series yet?

Myisha and Lauren are back with Lust for Life – this time online so you can join from anywhere! *And* Myisha will be our special guest at the members-only event in February for a sex and relationships Q&A

So awesome to see our friends Kaliks Collective in Allure mag

Congrats to Helena on the launch of Dagmar Studios!

Anything special going on this weekend? 




#wcw: Lisa Pertoso

lisa pertoso.jpg

I met Lisa a few years ago when I was bringing Women Catalysts to NYC (as I was traveling between SF and NYC frequently for work). Immediately, I knew she embodied everything Women Catalysts desires to create in community. Read below to learn why she's joining me to lead our 2018 Goal Setting Workshop in NYC. – Katie Tilson

My goals for this year are...To finish writing a book inspired by my dating experiences (chronicled on my blog 100 First Dates). To continue to empower people to follow their fears for growth and happiness (though my experiential learning company Follow the Fear). To build a cozy and supportive home with my husband (physically and spiritually). To grow my mindfulness practice: yoga, meditation, and who knows what else!

Here's how you can help me...Read my book when it's a book! And to find out when...sign-up here. Introduce me to smart, inspiring people and orgs who want to flex their leadership, communications, or creativity skills. Recommend any classes, workshops, books, films, etc that changed you for the better.

One of my best talents is...Keepin' it real, making people laugh, going with the flow. Being an improv performer for the past 7 years has helped me really hone these valuable life and work skills. 

My favorite resources are...Anything new and different, because I hate routine (though I do need it sometimes). Comedy, whether it's performing with my improv team, watching stand-up or sketch, or making a short film...laughter is my drug of choice. I've been digging Headspace for meditation these past few months, and swimming laps at the gym. 


Thanks, Lisa! New Yorkers, you can join Lisa and Katie next week for our super fun Goal Setting workshop! Details here.



#wcw: Elizabeth Husserl

When we first got the idea for Money Matters, our new personal finance series, our friend Joann said, "You've got to talk to Elizabeth!" Sure enough, Elizabeth was full great ideas and enthusiasm – she is a woman who has clearly found her purpose in life! We're so excited to share her passion for women living empowered financial lives with you – more below. 

My goals for this year practice fluidity, to have fun with my business, and have more people sit down and have a conversation with money. 

Here's how you can help me...reminding me that it is ok to say no (in particular to harder clients). When I say no to others I say yes to myself, especially to the more authentic part of me that needs space to emerge.

One of my best talents be a mirror for others. I love making connections and connecting a sense of personal depth with personal wealth.

My favorite resources, nerdwallet, and TED talks.


Money Matters kicks off with an online workshop on the psychology of money with Elizabeth next week! Sign up here. Elizabeth also has a great new series starting in February called Conversations with Money.



#wcw: The Assembly co-founder Molly Goodson

  Molly Goodson

Molly Goodson

When long-time WC community member Chelsea Starr Alexander said we had to meet Molly, I was in. I had recently been seeing all of these beautiful images of a new space in San Francisco pop up in my Instagram feed and was intrigued...a retreat in the city? Tell me more. Molly, her partner Carnet, their team, and some of our favorite artists have worked together to build a magical place in the heart of the Mission for women to get together to create, sweat, and play. It's like she read my mind and made it real! The Assembly is in many ways like Molly herself – stylish but accessible, encouraging, open, and fun

Meet Molly! 

My goals for this year are... Create a space and community that allows women to feel healthy, supported, and cared for in a way that leaves them ready to take on the world. Build a sustainable team and business at The Assembly. Practice what I preach and value myself as much as I try to make people feel valued, heard, believed, and allowed space. 

Here's how you can help me... Come say hi at The Assembly! Take a class, join a workshop, send someone our way. 

One of my best talents is... Introducing people to each other in a way that sets them and the connection up for success. I've learned a lot over the years about the right and wrong ways to do intros (both in person and over email) and I think I've really been nailing it recently. Also synthesizing lots of things at the same time. Remembering the emails that I have to send. Self-awareness. I sure hope that last one is true. 

My favorite resource(s) is/are... Other people's words and wisdom. Books with prose that take my breath away. All the women that have come through The Assembly, seen the vision, and offered help. My mom. My own brain when I'm doing something else with my body (running, yoga, strength training). 


The Assembly opens *this weekend.* Check out their great opening events. We'll be there to introduce our dear friend Elle Luna on Saturday!



Link love: only in SF, public libraries are the best, and get yourself insured

  Go, baby turtles!

Go, baby turtles!

Hello! Sorry I missed you last week – I was on a retreat in Mexico. There were baby turtles. It was everything I could hope for and more. 

Some links for your enjoyment:

The revolution will be televised. Love this!

The first time someone loved me for who I really am

Don't forget to sign up for your health insurance! You have until December 15th

Bravo, public libraries!

Our friend Anna and some other great folks have beautiful handmade pottery for sale at Ruby's

Jenna and Courtney are hosting WC Seattle next week with Alissa Haslam

Only in SF (RIP)

Kim shares:

Embrace wanderlust and work with Jobbatical & Workaway

How to practice radical honesty in the workplace 

Programming note: I have surgery this month and will be off the rest of the year, so you won't see us back on the blog until the New Year. We do still have some great events coming up (save the date for Lightning Talks in SF on November 30th) and the Facebook group is kicking as always, so don't be a stranger.




#wcw: Keri Glassman


Meet Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, and founder of Nutritious Life. Keri is a hustler in the best since of the word. She can and does do it all. She’s got a family, a successful and impactful career, and she manages to look amazing and BE amazing while doing it all! – Caley Alyssa

What are you working on?: The past couple of months my whole team and I were uber focused on the complete redesign and launch our website and our Nutrition School Masterclass 2017 event in Santa Monica, CA. But we are also always in that go-go-go mode. Always thinking about the next way to grow Nutritious Life and to reach as many people as possible with our message. So while so much is going on day in and day out, our next big project involves producing and incorporating more content to our site, launching new courses within The Nutrition School, and working on my next book!

What's your vision for 2017?: Biz wise: reach hundreds of thousands more people and helping them raise their nutrition and lives a notch. Personal: travel and adventure, quiet time at home with my kids, peace and LOVE (don’t we all want that?).

What brought you to WC?: One of my favorite sayings is ‘Empowered women empower women.” I love the mission of Women Catalysts and as a female entrepreneur myself, I honor and respect the process of building a business and think it’s amazing that WC inspires, connects, and brings more women to take action in achieving their dreams and goals.

What’s one thing our readers might not know about you?: I’m a dietitian nutritionist, but I never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like ;)

Where will we see you next?: I’m speaking at #BlogHer 2018 in January!



#wcw: Fallyn Smith

Image of Fallyn.jpg

You may remember when we featured Fallyn's business partner Chelsea awhile back. Like her partner, Fallyn is always happy to help out. And it's no surprise that she's a school counselor – Fallyn is one of those people who when you mention something you want to do, she follows up with you right after with a list of resources and contacts to help you make it happen. This is a quality we really love at Women Catalysts. Plus, she's a ton of fun. Another quality we like a lot! 

What are you working on?: I’m working on a couple of things, which has been my MO for quite some time. I’m the co-founder of SMITH & STARR, a lifestyle brand that I started with my friend and fellow WC, Chelsea Starr Alexander. We make The Conway, which is the first-ever hydration handbag, and we were just featured on The Skimm’s new series Get Off The Couch. I’m also the elementary school counselor for Burlingame School District where I’ve been working on implementing a district-wide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for all students to receive in their classroom. It’s so awesome to see 5 to 11 year-olds learn about empathy and taking belly breaths as part of their school day.

What's your vision for 2017?: On New Year’s Day, I always decide upon a word that is my theme for the year and my word for 2017 is “trust.” It’s been a really challenging year for me in many different ways but as the year comes to a close, I’m beginning to see the other side of my struggles and challenges. This has reaffirmed how important it is to trust even in really hard times. I want to continue to practice trusting while not shying away from challenges and enjoy the last two months of 2017 with my friends and family.

Best thing our readers might not know about: The best thing that I did for myself is decide to take Prozac to help with my depression and anxiety. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and depression off and on throughout my adult life and it got really bad in February. I never considered taking medicine until I found out that a girl in my book club takes antidepressants and openly talked about it with me. After getting the prescription in April, I was still hesitant to take it due to shame and stigma. I finally decided to take it in July after receiving a lot of support from my family and friends, some of whom I didn’t realize also took medicine for their depression. I’m not sure how long I will be on Prozac for but I’m really grateful that I decided to take it and for the people who were willing to share their story with me. I want to be more transparent about my mental health so I can help others feel less shame and get the help they need whatever that may be.

What brought you to WC?: I found out about WC from Chelsea and went solo to my first event, which was with Elle Luna. That evening was like a spiritual experience for me. I felt so connected and as if I was supposed to be there to hear Elle’s story and meet smart, like-minded women who were all there to learn and support one another. I love WC events because I always get such amazing takeaways that so serendipitously relate to my life. It’s my time to connect and get inspired by my community.

Where will we see you next: Online – on TheSkimm’s Get Off The Couch on Facebook Watch. IRL – Urban Air Market  at Jack London Square on December 3rd. Come say hi!




Link love: launch parties, public speaking tips, and healthy boobs

  The view from our event with Rachael Horwitz at Handshake this week

The view from our event with Rachael Horwitz at Handshake this week

Hello! How was your week? I got some great news: I am officially in remission! I also did the first of a bunch of talks I have scheduled this month for Breast Cancer Awareness month and it felt really good to share. 

Some links worth checking out to send you into the weekend:

Check your boobies! Here's how.

Our friends at Present have a launch party next week

SMITH & STARR participated in The Skimm's Shark Tank-style competition for women founders and their viewing party is Wednesday – go cheer them on!

5 great public speaking tips from IDEO

I think I'm going to see this movie tomorrow

Tell it, Amber Tamblyn

Yes, this is a witch hunt

WC Seattle has a happy hour on Wednesday (it's free! just show up!)

And our next SF event is a workshop for job seekers with recruiter Nicole Frick on November 1st!

What are you up to this weekend? After traveling the last couple of weeks, I'm really happy to be home and looking forward to catching up with friends and getting in some time for self-care. 





#wcw: Kate Stayman-London


Meet, Kate! I met Kate while working on the Hillary Clinton (heard of her?) campaign last year. In addition to feeling incredibly humbled to be working on the most influential campaign of our time (I see you 2018/20), I felt incredibly grateful to have met, connected with, and learned from brilliant women, especially like Kate Stayman-London (a.k.a., KSL). Kate's passion for doing the most good (a campaign tagline) was always present. Through the past year, I've often looked towards Kate's words to provide a source of hope and teaching. See below for more about this fellow nasty woman! – Katie

What are you working on?: After eighteen months working as lead digital writer for Hillary for America, I’m still in something of a recovery/transition period (lots of travel, lots of gentle Netflix, lots of hugs), but I’m keeping busy! I sold a novel to Random House in June, so I’m writing as often as I can, and I’m working on some fun screenwriting projects, including a TV pitch about a teen anti-choice protester who falls in love with the abortion doctor she’s trying to entrap. I’m also writing and consulting for some of my favorite progressive organizations like GLAAD, which is the best day job anyone could ask for.

What's your vision for 2017?: Of the few silver linings from the election, my personal favorite is women in all walks of life speaking out more loudly and frankly against systemic misogyny. Where before we might have let something slide, now we’re calling out the bullshit, and I am HERE FOR IT. I want to see more and more of that: women supporting one another, and especially white women like me being better, more supportive allies for women of color. All our voices matter so much, and I hope we’ll keep using them to practice intersectional feminism and show the world just how strong, bright, competent, and badass we are.

Best thing our readers might not know about you?: I am deep into the Los Angeles nail art scene. My favorite artist is Kimmie at KureSpa in Silverlake — she co-owns the business, and I love that she invested in herself and her talent. Whenever I have a big life announcement like joining HFA, I get themed nail art to share the news on Insta. Right now, my nails are dark green with rhinestone snakes as a little Taylor Swift tribute (don’t hate!), and they make me smile all day while I type. 

What brought you to WC?: One of the best things about working at HFA was being part of an incredibly diverse and supportive community of women. That was the hardest job I’ve ever had, and it meant so much to know my colleagues always had my back. I love that WC is replicating that dynamic for women in so many different cities and industries, and I want to support that however I can.

Where will we see you next?: Probably stirring up trouble on Twitter, despite my constant promises to myself that I’m going to take a break from social media. (I really will do it one of these days!) You can find me at @_ksl — this week, I’m writing a lot about rape culture and what men (yes, men!) can do to dismantle it. Here’s hoping some of them heed the call.



Link love: the Rock test, infinite freedom, and gossip as survival


Hello! What a full week – I've been in Chicago, Indianapolis, and LA. It's been a great trip with lots of events, but it's also been really hard to be away from home with all of the fires. Our friend Lauren wrote a great blog post with some resources for how to care for yourself and others – check it out here. And there's no shortage of ways to get involved – Courtney shared this document with us with lots more places to volunteer and help out. 

Some links worth clicking:

So thrilled to see our friends Susan and Ben and their beautiful home in Domino!

The Rock Test

Yes, Mama Cax!

Excited about our upcoming SF events – an interview with Spark Capital's Rachael Horwitz next Tuesday and workshop for job seekers on November 1st

And Seattle too! We're back for a happy hour on October 25th

Definitely going to see the Joan Didion documentary

This career and money event in NYC looks great

There's a lymphatic system in your brain 

Lots of great articles about the Weinstein abuse, but this one really resonated

"But over the years I have come to think that its association with infinite freedom is a shallow one"

As always – wishing you a happy, healthy weekend.




#wcw: Danya Shults


Meet Danya! I met her seven years ago when she was on the junior board of the nonprofit where I worked. Her warmness and passion for doing good jumped across that conference table and I knew she'd be someone I'd want as a mentor and a friend, or as she has coined, a friendtor. She is a woman inspired by her faith to take action, bring people together, find meaning, and make the most out of every situation, as you can see below! – Katie

What are you working on?: I'm building Arq, a lifestyle brand and community inspired by all things Jewish and open to everyone. We create content and experiences that help anyone connect with Judaism in a relevant, inclusive, and convenient way. I'm constantly working on my impatience, which can be a strength, in that it helps me move fast and get shit done, but it's also a vice, since I'm often in "what's next?" mode instead of "this is enough, I am enough!" mode. 

What's your vision for 2017?: The Jewish New Year begins in the Fall, so I just finished making my resolutions for the year 5778 :). My husband and I moved to LA from Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago – right before Yom Kippur, in fact, so it was auspicious timing. My personal vision for 2017 is to let go of as many expectations as possible – about our new city, the people we'll meet, the things we'll do, the house we'll buy, and on and on – and to welcome this new phase of our lives with wide open arms. 

Best thing our readers might not know about you?: I won Mrs. Etkind's spelling bee in 2nd grade. I was the finalist for a role in an off-Broadway play when I was a kid, but it went to Mischa Barton. I met my husband at singles party that I hosted. I'm a triathlete!

What brought you to WC?: Before I launched Arq, I worked in venture capital and tech, and I was often the only woman or one of very few in my daily work. Since I launched Arq, and, frankly, since the election, I've really gravitated towards women entrepreneurs and women-only support systems like Women Catalysts. I've found them to be relatable, empowering, fun, and deep. And, shout out to Katie Tilson for inviting me to join the community and for asking me to speak at one of the first NYC gatherings!

Where will we see you next?: At the beach! I've also just been selected as an On Being Fellow, so there's a chance you may hear me on the podcast or see my writing on the website – stay tuned :)



Link love: keep a breast, don't work so hard, and come play


Hello from beautiful Chicago! We had our first-ever event here last night – if you'd like to watch some of the highlights from our interview with the hilarious Mel Safford, check out our Instagram story (or follow us @womencatalysts). 

Here's a few links to send you into the weekend:

You really don't need to work so much

There can be no truce with the second amendment

I'll be talking at this great event with Keep a Breast in downtown LA next week and Caley is teaching – come!

We ran into our friends Girl Geek Dinners at Google this week and they've got two great events coming up this month on the 11th and the 24th

My Burning Man camp has a fun Halloween party on the 28th

This Swing Left fundraiser looks great and so does this writing PLAYshop with Charity and Anna Maria

And from Team WC – 

Katie shares:

This made me smile

Kim shares:

How this anxious introvert handles social events

Why we need more zebras instead of unicorns in tech

And if you're in LA, we'll be there next Thursday and would love to see you at Lightning Talks

It has been a really tough week in the news. Exceptionally tough. Don't forget to rest and take care of yourselves (and each other). Big hugs. 




#wcw: Nicole Hubmann Frick

  Photo by Anna van Tuinen

Photo by Anna van Tuinen

One of the best things about leading something like Women Catalysts – and there are a lot of good things – is getting to see the women in our community grow and evolve and support each other along the way. Nicole has been such an advocate for WC since the very beginning – I have literally seen her make friends with a stranger and add them on Facebook just so that she can invite them to an event! We also see that for many of us, it's easier to advocate for others than ourselves. So when Nicole reached out recently about collaborating on an event, I was a wholehearted yes – both because the event is going to be awesome (more below) and because it's a joy to see her do her thing. She's a natural connector who is super passionate about bringing good people and companies together (part of why she's a great recruiter!). 

What are you working on?: I am working on creating a life I love. Recently, I’ve become aware of how infrequently I’ve been asking for what I want and how that has spilled into my relationships, work, and free time. I have either believed that (1) my contribution wasn’t good enough; or (2) I’ve assumed other people can read my mind and have allowed them to make my choices for me. I was afraid of how my opinions and desires would come across and tried hard not to offend anyone. The world I had created around me was not my own.

Recently, I was at an event with my husband and we were invited to introduce our guests on stage. I assumed he didn’t want to go up on stage to speak publically. I was afraid that if I asked he’d say no. I sat in my my seat wishing we could go to the mic. A few minutes later, he tapped me on the knee and said, “can we go on stage? I want to practice using the mic.” The whole time I was hiding what I really wanted, and he was sitting there wanting to do the same thing! I just never asked. From that experience (and many more since then), I’ve realized it’s important for me to ask for what I want. Because if I don’t ask, the answer will almost always be no. And that is no way to create a life I love.

Not until I really got aware of how small I was being by not contributing my perspective, could I really start becoming the author of my life and my choices. I recently took on saying yes to all public speaking events that inspire (and scare) me. I reached out and planned a workshop for the beginning of November and now I have three more events before the end of the year. This is completely new to my life and if I hadn’t asked for it in the first place, I never would have found that I love speaking in public and contributing to others! Life is abundant when we share!

What’s your vision for 2017?: I have really begun to understand that my accomplishments are directly correlated to how much I am helping others around me reach their fullest potential. The more I can lift others up around me, the better my life becomes. For the rest of 2017 (and beyond) I want to continue cultivating my community, nurturing the relationships that I have, and really seeing that strangers are just friends I haven't met yet.

Best thing our readers might not know about you: I have the best friends and family ever and I send them countless handwritten letters, I’m the happiest when on a surfboard, and I’m madly in love with my midwestern hubby.

What brought you to WC: Shout out to Kelly Fitch @Weebly for inviting me to my first Catalyst Conversations! I fell head-over-heels-in-love-at-first-sight with Women Catalysts. During my first event, I was so enamored by the guided networking at the beginning of the event that I never wanted to go to an event without it (and sadly,  I haven’t been to another one like it since!). I get such a sense of ease, relief, and joy when I don’t have to talk about my job, commute, or the weather when I meet someone new.

I also really love sharing celebrations at the end of every event. Who doesn’t want to share about their new adventure or new smudge-proof lipstick!? There are so many incredible women in the WC community, what an honor to hear about everyone’s accomplishments…no matter how “small.”

Where will we see you next?: You can find me leading my first (yay!) workshop: Courageous Careers, a workshop to impress with your resume and nail your next interview. See you (and your friends) on November 1st at General Assembly!



Link love: ladies get paid, fall cleansing, and emotional diversity

  Mel Safford

Mel Safford

Hello! Happy Friday! Any big weekend plans? I'm taking it easy and recovering from a cold. I'm giving a talk and traveling next week – it's our first-ever event in Chicago! Our Chicago Catalyst, Mel Safford, works on Chicago Ideas Week and Daybreaker. Pretty cool, right?

Doing this fall cleanse with my dear friend Allison – join me! 

Lars from my camp made this sweet video about Burning Man

I am here for all of the emotional labor think pieces

And from Team WC –

Kim shares:

Great writing advice: brevity is key

This really got my mind going: 8 of the Coolest Experiential Marketing Campaigns We’ve Seen

The OG Catalyst: Rachel Carson, the author who sparked the modern environmental movement 

Katie shares:

This is depressing, but people need to know

A workout for your feelings

Jenna shares:

Emotional Diversity’ Is More Important Than Happiness

Ladies Get Paid Negotiating Event in Seattle 

Master Your Mind and Experience Heaven on Earth 




#wcw: Michelle Zauzig

Michelle Zauzig

Meet Michelle! Michelle has such an infectiously positive energy that it's virtually impossible not to have a big girl crush on her. She's super smart but not afraid to be goofy – and you know us, we like a woman with range. And like a lot of our community, she's got a huge heart and cares about the impact she makes in the world. Read on for more!

What are you working on?: Educating and empowering people to change the world. My self-worth has always been directly correlated to the work I’m doing to improve the people and the world around me. The whole "do what you can with what you’ve got" mindset. Currently, I’m the Director of Partnerships at RYOT. What makes RYOT great for me is that it was founded by humanitarians and built upon the basis of giving people access to important stories around the world and then empowering them to take action on those stories. We’ve expanded massively since RYOT’s humble beginnings, and our capabilities and concentrations have morphed and grown and span from branded content, to documentary films, to emerging technologies – but our roots still run deep. So every day I get to come to work with inspired humanitarians, storytellers, tech geniuses…all very woke humans. I know I’m lucky. So put simply, I’ll be working on making an impact and thinking of how to measure that impact until I die – because let’s be honest, the world needs a little change. 

What's your vision for 2017?: I’ve really honed in and been geeking out on Impact Investing and combating the traditional relationship big pharmaceutical companies play in society. I just talked about how to use medical marijuana as a way to give health back to the people on a show called Queens of the Stoned Age (shout out to Cannabis Feminist Jessica Assaf and Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane!). So I want to continue pushing education by women and for women (and everyone!) at that scale into 2018 and beyond. I’m also spending a ton of time encouraging women to educate themselves on basic financial principals to feel empowered through finances rather than looking at money as a constraint. I truly believe if you know how to use money (and not let money use you), you will invest in causes your passionate about, or finance your own passions – a win-win in my eyes. 

Best thing our readers might not know about you: The best thing? (crickets) It depends on who you are and how you define "best," but there’s a couple random bits of knowledge that only my nearest and dearest could tell you:

  1. I'm a rapper in my free time. Ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you why.  
  2. I save every spider I’ve ever met. DON’T KILL THE SPIDERS!

What brought you to WC?: Everything that is the creature Lindsay Jean. We have a mutual best friend, Caley (also a magical creature), that’s how we initially met. Lindsay’s energy, her laugh, her way of dealing with struggle, the way she talks to her dog, Leo, everything just makes you want to be around her. Also, the idea of bringing women together to build up other women is obviously a practice that got lost and I’m so happy to see come back. 

Where will we see you next?: Having tea with Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and Sallie Krawcheck (you know, my best friends) . But first, traveling. It is complete and utter soul food and my absolute favorite thing to do in the world (or maybe out of the world, one day – I’m looking at you, Elon). I feed my curiosity through meeting new people, seeing new places, and absorbing everything that comes with being in a new city. If you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll find me walking or biking around the streets of Venice and at Deus Ex Machina getting my coffee! You can follow my adventures on Facebook or Instagram


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